Sewing FAQs

Sewing Schools and Courses

Sewing courses can usually be found at community colleges and technical schools, where you can enhance your tailoring skills or prepare for a career as a fashion designer. Read on to learn about courses, job opportunities and degree options.

Tailoring Schools and Classes

Find information about tailoring classes, including those that are offered as part of continuing education or formal certificate and degree programs. Keep reading to learn more about training topics, job options and salaries.

What are Some U.S. Schools that Offer Upholstery Classes?

Upholstery classes can be found at a few schools throughout the U.S. These courses are often stand-alone or career-training courses, but some might result in a diploma or certificate. Keep reading to learn more about the types of upholstery...

What's the Difference Between a Seamstress and a Tailor?

Seamstresses and tailors both work in the textile industry. Their jobs entail sewing, mending and altering clothes and garments made from various fabrics. There is a slight difference between the two, but both occupations will often have the same...

Where Can I Find Sewing Courses Online?

By taking sewing courses online, you can fine-tune your skills and possibly turn a hobby into a career as a tailor, dressmaker or fashion designer. Sewing classes are typically offered through technical or community colleges.

Where Can I Take an Upholstery Correspondence Course?

Upholstery correspondence courses are rare, because training courses often require hands-on learning. Private organizations, trade associations and upholstery businesses may offer in-person training courses. Community colleges and vocational...

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