Software Design and Development FAQs

Associate Degree in Software Development

Get information about the topics discussed in a software development associate program. Learn about commonly required courses along with delivery methods and employment options.

Bachelor's Degrees in Software Design

A bachelor's degree program in software design prepares students for careers creating innovative and marketable computer applications. Read about bachelor's degree programs in software engineering and design, and find out the employment outlook...

Computer Application Development Bachelor's Degrees: Job Facts

Explore degrees that may prepare you for computer application development jobs. Learn about application development courses, application development careers and how much you could earn working in the field.

Computer Software Engineering Majors

Find out the courses you'll take in a bachelor's degree program in computer software engineering. Learn the employment outlook for careers in this field.

Courseware Authoring Training and Career Facts

Courseware authoring refers to creating instructional multimedia and Internet applications. You can study courseware authoring as an undergraduate or graduate student, often through a degree program in instructional technology. Read about...

Doctorate Degrees in Software Development

Obtaining a doctorate degree in the field of software development can help you pursue a career in teaching computer science in a post-secondary environment, while building your skill set in programming languages and troubleshooting development...

Doctorate in Software Engineering

Learn what classes are offered as part of doctoral degrees in software engineering. Find out about job options and the employment outlook in the field.

Education Needed for a Computer Science & Software Engineering Career

Most individuals interested in computer science or software engineering careers pursue a bachelor's degree, with some students going on to earn master's or doctoral degrees. Read on for information on the education needed for careers in these...

How Do I Become a Software Engineer?

Software engineers need to know programming languages and have a bachelor's degree in order to work in any field that uses this specialized computer knowledge.

How Do I Earn a Certification in Software Quality Assurance?

To earn software quality assurance certification, you need to meet education and experience requirements and pass an exam or series of exams. Read on to find out more about such certifications and the steps to take in order to earn them.

Master's Degree Programs in Software Engineering

Graduate software engineering programs contain coursework in architecture, programming and management. Learn about master degree requirements, program prerequisites and online study options.

Master's Degrees in Software Testing

Learn about master's degree programs in software engineering, which typically include courses in software testing. Find out about online course options, program prerequisites, common courses, and jobs in software engineering.

Master's in Software Engineering: Salary and Career Facts

Explore the career requirements for software engineers. Get the facts about education requirements, salary, and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

Masters Degrees in Computer Application Development: Online Programs

Get information about degree options that can teach you computer application development skills. Find out about classes offered in these programs along with career options for those with these skills.

Online Computer Application Development Courses

Find out what you'll learn in online undergraduate and certificate courses in computer application development, and what operating systems and software you'll need to take these courses.

Online Computer Software Design Courses

Online programs in software design are available at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels, as well as the post-baccalaureate certificate level. Review some of the common course topics offered in these programs, and find out how online...

Online Computer Software Engineering Degree Programs

Find out what you'll learn in online bachelor's and master's degree programs in software engineering, and discover online course options. Learn the outlook for employment in the field.

Online Degree Programs for Aspiring Software Developers

Explore your online degree options related to software development, including computer science and information technology programs. Find out how online programs work. Review the typical coursework in these programs, and get info about...

Online Software Engineering Degree Programs

A career in software engineering can give you the opportunity to put your skills to work keeping an entire networking system up and running smoothly. Read on for more details about online degree options in software engineering. Explore online...

Schools with Software Programming Courses

Read about associate's and bachelor's degree programs in software programming, and explore some of the courses you could take as a student. Get info on choosing a school for your studies, and check the availability of online programs and courses...

Software Development Certifications and Schools

Explore engineering and computer science degree programs that can launch a career in software development. Read about vendor and third-party professional certifications for software developers.

Software Development Degree Programs

Software developers typically focus on creating, programming or improving computer software products. Learn more about the degree and certification programs, job outlook, salary info and career options.

Software Programming Colleges and Degrees

Find out what software programming degrees are available and what the differences are between them. Learn how to choose a school that will work for you and whether courses are available online.

Software Project Management Degree Programs

Software project managers oversee personnel and manage resources required to complete software development projects on time. Learn more about degree programs, job duties and career outlook.

Software Technician Training and Career Facts

Get an overview of types of certificate and degree programs for computer software technicians and the skills taught in each. Read about job duties for software techs and how career plans can direct choices in training programs.

What are Some Popular Computer Software Careers?

Some of the most popular computer software careers are in development, programming, management and consulting. Read on to find information on each career option, as well as salary and job growth information.

What Are the Courses in a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering?

A software engineering bachelor's degree program requires foundation courses in computers, theory and practice. Continue reading to learn more about courses you may take in this degree field.

What Are the Courses of an Associate's Degree in Software Engineering?

An associate's degree in software engineering typically covers programming languages, computer architecture, operating systems and advanced engineering concepts. If you're interested in computer science or computer engineering, the software...

What Careers Will a Computer Software Degree Prepare Me For?

Although a computer software degree can allow professionals to enter a variety of fields, one of the fastest growing fields is software development. Read on to learn more about job duties and career info for this line of work.

What Courses are in a Software Engineering Certificate Program?

While a few certificate programs in software engineering are available at the undergraduate level, many such programs are offered at the graduate level. This article explains more about courses in a software engineering certificate program.

What Does a Software Testing Engineer Do?

A software testing engineer often works as part of a software company's quality assurance team. He or she checks software to ensure that the programs or utilities are performing properly. Read on to learn more.

What is Software Programming?

Software programming involves using a computer language to develop programs. Software programmers design these programs to carry out specific functions. Read on for more information about this field.

What Skills Will I Learn in Software Programming Courses?

Software programming courses can help students develop a broad range of computer skills. Find out more about some of the topics that are commonly covered in these classes.

What's the Curriculum of a Software Engineering Master's Degree?

The advanced study of software engineering includes in-depth study of programming languages, networking and systems management. Master's programs in the field sometimes feature concentrations, and a final project or practicum is usually required....

What's the Salary of a Recent Grad with a Software Engineering Degree?

The salary you can expect with a software engineering degree depends on several factors, such as the type of software in which you specialize, your location and your employer. Read on to find out how much you can expect to earn as a recent grad.

Where Can I Find Computer Software Courses Online?

Functioning in today's modern society without basic computer software skills can be difficult. If you're interested in learning more about various computer programs but are unable to commit to on-campus study, an online computer software course...

Where Can I Find Free Online Software Engineering Courses?

You can find software engineering courses online at schools like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The Open University. These free courses are available as non-credit options for independent learning.

Which Schools Offer a Software Engineering Degree Online?

Read on to learn about the online software engineering programs that are available. Explore what you'll learn in the programs discussed in this article.

Which Schools Offer an Online Web Design Software Course?

The emergence of the Internet has created a great demand for well-trained Web designers, who rely on various software programs to help them build stylish and functional websites. Continue reading for details regarding some available online Web...

Which Schools Offer Courses in Computer Software Design Online?

Computer software design has become a necessity in modern society. Students who enjoy computer science may be interested in taking computer software design courses online. Read on for more information regarding online courses in computer software...

Which Universities Offer a Doctorate Degree in Software Engineering?

Doctoral programs in software engineering are designed for students who have a master's degree in computer science or software engineering. Though programs in this field are not abundant, students can attend schools across the country to earn a...

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