Systems Engineering FAQs

Bachelor's Degrees in Broadcast Systems Engineering

Broadcast systems engineering programs include coursework in audio engineering, sound technology and studio operations. Learn about related undergraduate degrees, online study options and post-graduation careers.

How Do You Become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)?

The Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer credential has been retired and replaced with the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert designation, a certification that endorses your ability to administer and configure computer infrastructure running on...

Master's Degree Programs in Systems Engineering

Learn how you can earn a master's degree in systems engineering, including on-campus and online options. Find out about careers and average salaries in the field.

Online Systems Engineering Degrees and Certificate Programs

Learn what's included in master's degree and graduate certificate programs in systems engineering. Find online education options and career information for systems engineers.

Top Systems Engineering Graduate Programs

Read about important considerations for selecting a good systems engineering graduate school. Explore three schools with top nationally ranked graduate engineering programs, and review the degree options each school offers.

What Does a Certified Systems Engineer Do?

Systems engineering is the design and management of engineering projects, and certified systems engineers are credentialed professionals in this field. Continue reading to learn more about the job of a systems engineer and how to become certified...

What is Analog Design?

Analog design is part of integrated circuit design and focuses on signal fidelity, amplification and filtering. Those who perform the function of analog design are qualified electrical engineers. The following information gives you an overview of...

What is Communication Systems Engineering?

Today's communication systems are increasingly complex. Communications system engineering may involve developing or maintaining cable-based or wireless telephone and voicemail systems, group scheduling programs, webinars, Voice over Internet...

What is Game Systems Design?

Computer games and video games employ huge data sets to manage complex graphics and translate inputs into game mechanics. They require their platforms, or gaming computer systems, to respond quickly to changing input from users at the console or...

What is Systems Engineering?

Systems engineering is a process used to arrive at a final system design. Systems engineering helps early detection of possible failures in a system. People holding degrees in systems engineering may work in manufacturing, safety, defense and...

What Skills Must I Learn for a MSCIT Systems Engineering Certificate?

Information technology (IT) and systems engineering are related areas, but master's degree and certificate programs are usually offered in either IT or systems engineering. However, both areas of study include coursework related to the other.

Which Colleges Offer Online Degree Programs in Systems Engineering?

Systems engineering degree programs combine elements of many disciplines to give students a big-picture look at engineering for potential project management or supervisory careers. Although systems engineering is an advanced program of study,...

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