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September 2011

Beef Up Your Ramen without Slimming Down Your Wallet

There are plenty of ways you can make your ramen noodles healthier and more appetizing. Some ideas mentioned here include adding protein or vegetables.

How to Make Ramen Without a Stove

Want to cook some ramen, but don't have access to an electric or gas stove? Here's an easy way to cook ramen noodles without using a stove. All you need is a microwave or an electric kettle, and you're good to go!

5 Tips For Saving Time on College Homework

The learning methods used for college tend to differ from those deployed in high school. One of the biggest differences is that more learning time is spent on homework than in the classroom. This article offers five tips to help you cut down on...

What Every College Student Should Know About Credit Cards

Every college student should realize that credit cards are simply money that you're required to pay back later on. Although, used with discipline and responsibility, credit cards can be a beneficial resource in case of some sort of financial...

Need Money for School? Get Sponsored!

Many college students work part- or full-time while they attend school in order to help pay their tuition or just to have some extra spending money. These days, opportunities go beyond working in the mall or the university library. Read on for...

5 Tips for Writing Great Research Papers Quickly

Writing research papers can be a difficult endeavor for a lot of people. The pressure might be too much. But with just a few tips, you can learn how to defeat your fears of writing that dreaded paper.

Non-Profit Helps Low-Income Students Stay in School

Single Stop USA is a national non-profit organization that works to help low-income families transition to a higher standard of living. Part of the group's mission is to help students graduate from community college, and several such colleges...

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