5 Online Study Tools That Can Save You Time

Looking for better ways to study that doesn't involve staring at a book all day? There are many online resources available to help boost your studying. Check out some of those resources in this blog.


Make Studying More Fun and Efficient With These Internet Tools

Studying can be boring and, for some, highly ineffective. A highlighter isn't a magic wand, and sometimes, you need to try other methods in order to learn. Here are some tips for online resources you can use to study smarter.

Use the Internet to Boost Your Studying Efficiency

Studying is one of the most important aspects of school life. However, unless you're a lucky superhuman who can remember everything after hearing it once, you're going to need to spend some time going over what you've learned in order to reinforce that knowledge. The Internet is a great resource for study tools that work for all different kinds of learning styles, so it could pay off big time if you spend some time looking for the right program. If you want to shake up your routine and ditch the traditional analog study methods, check out some of these options.

1. OpenStudy

Stuck on a homework problem that you just can't figure out? Need some input but can't find anyone to help? Why not combine your studying with some helpful social networking? Thanks to the community of students at OpenStudy, you can ask and answer questions about difficult class concepts and problems. By becoming a member of the OpenStudy community, you can explore concepts and learn without having to bury your face in a notebook.

2. Quizlet

If you like learning with flashcards, but don't like the idea of having to store a bunch of physical cards, Quizlet is a great Web resource. In addition to allowing you to make and share your own cards, you can access the site's large database of pre-made cards in subjects ranging from foreign languages to biology and chemistry. Quizlet offers more than just a digital version of traditional flashcards as well. You can use the site to test your knowledge by creating flashcard study sets.

3. Khan Academy

Math geniuses rarely have trouble in classes that call for quantitative skills, but those of us who aren't so talented sometimes get a little lost. This can be especially difficult if basic math concepts you haven't used for years suddenly become necessary. If you're in a class that uses math concepts that you've long since forgotten, or if you're still having trouble with some foundational quantitative skills, the Khan Academy is a great study resource. The site features videos and exercises that can help you learn (or re-learn) arithmetic, algebra and other important math foundations. Other subjects are featured on the Khan Academy, but its math sections are truly outstanding.

4. Livemocha

Traditional study routes don't work for everyone, and some people find it particularly difficult to learn a new language using flashcards and other traditional methods. Livemocha is one of several online language learning communities that can allow learners to interact with students and native speakers who can help give hands-on experience with a new language. This interactive method of learning might work much better for those who find it hard to memorize conjugations and other aspects of new languages.

5. Distraction Blockers

Let's face it - the actual amount of time you spend studying is probably a lot lower than the aggregate amount of time you spend being distracted in between spells of studying. Distractions are the number one timewaster when it comes to studying, and despite your best intentions, it can be quite difficult to focus on a boring set of notes when the whole of the Internet is beckoning to you.

If discipline and self-control are issues for you, you're going to have to do a lot of work to use your study time efficiently. But there are various distraction-blocking apps, programs and browser extensions that can help. If you find yourself absently typing 'facebook.com' instead of 'jstor.org' into your address bar while you're supposed to be writing a paper, using one of these programs can literally stop you in your tracks. They all work in various ways, and some are browser-specific. You might want to look around to find what works for you, but we recommend SelfControl for Mac users and LeechBlock for Firefox users.

Here are five more tips on how to save time doing your homework.

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