5 Best Online Bachelor's Degrees

There are several reasons to earn a degree online - and many schools offer online bachelor's degrees in a wide variety of fields. We took a look at these undergrad programs to find the top five fields that are best suited to online learning.

The Benefits of Online Learning

Flexible scheduling usually tops the list of reasons students choose online degree programs over traditional campus-based programs. The flexibility online study offers gives students more time for work, family and other obligations. Taking what you learn in the classroom into the workplace adds to the list of benefits, since real-world experience can validate your education and look just as good on a resume as a degree.

After evaluating many online bachelor's degree programs, we found online learning provided the best advantages for the fields listed below. We even show you career options for each field, though there's no guarantee of a job just by earning a degree.

1. Business Administration

An MBA has long been a favorite degree of graduate students. However, at the undergrad level, bachelor's programs in business administration are just as popular, introduce you to the same topics and even offer some of the same concentrations as graduate programs. You'll get a solid foundation in human resources, information technology, economics, marketing and management education.

A couple of benefits of choosing a business administration major include the applicability of the training to a wide range of jobs that you can sample while you study, and the technology skills you learn that can put you ahead of the competition in the workplace.

Take a look at the online business administration bachelor's degree programs at the following schools to find the one that suits you best:

  • Ashford University: The online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program offers several concentrations, including international, logistics and project management.
  • Capella University: Management, human resource management, marketing and accounting are among the concentrations in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.
  • DeVry University: The online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program has concentration options in sustainability management, sales and marketing, and hospitality management as well as several others.
  • Strayer University: There are a number of concentration options in the online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program, such as legal studies, entrepreneurship and human resource management.
  • Walden University: Students can choose from a general business administration curriculum or concentrate in one of several areas, like finance or management, within the online Bachelor of Science program.

Entry-level jobs in business include data entry specialist, accounting clerk and administrative assistant. A bachelor's degree can help you qualify for more advanced positions in human resources, purchasing, finance, budget analysis and management.

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2. Information Technology

An online degree program and education in information technology seem perfectly suited, since you're using technology to learn. This field of study covers a variety of topics that range from hardware to software and Internet design to intranetworking management. Depending on the program you choose, you'll learn how to build, manage, protect and troubleshoot computers and servers, database systems, networks, websites and software applications.

Hands-on learning can help in this field, and with an online degree program you can take school to work with you and apply your studies in a practical setting. Check out these schools for online bachelor's programs in information technology:

  • Capella University: You can choose from the standard IT program that blends business and technology, or specialize in a number of areas, such as network security in the B.S. program in information technology.
  • Strayer University: Find your niche with the concentrations available in the Bachelor of Science program in information technology - including digital forensics, cybersecurity and internetworking technologies.

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3. Communications

A major in communications builds your verbal and written skills. An online communications program allows you to further build electronic communication skills through course lessons and virtual interaction with your instructors and peers. Course topics can cover social media, business communications, public relations and even graphic arts. Take a look at the bachelor's degree programs in communications offered at these schools:

  • Full Sail University: Learn about graphic and web design in the online Bachelor of Science in Media Communications program.
  • DeVry University: Find the concentration that interests you among business, technical or emerging media communication tracks in the Bachelor of Science in Communications program.
  • Walden University: Choose from new media and organizational communications concentrations in the Bachelor of Science in Communication program.

Communication is a vital component in a number of industries, including business, technology, manufacturing, politics and healthcare. Some job options for communications graduates might include journalist, photojournalist, public relations manager or media relations specialist.

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4. Healthcare Administration

Jobs in healthcare require you to be alert, prepared and properly trained. An online bachelor's degree in healthcare administration gives you the flexibility to get the training you need to advance in your chosen healthcare field without interfering with your work. Courses introduce you to healthcare policies, health services finance, facilities management, managed care and information systems. Check out the online bachelor's programs available at the following schools to find one that's right for you:

  • Capella University: The online Bachelor of Science in Business program offers a specialization in healthcare management.
  • DeVry University: Choose from healthcare management or healthcare informatics in this online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program.
  • Grand Canyon University: The online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration offers a broad spectrum of healthcare education for licensed healthcare professionals interested in management.
  • Walden University: The health studies and public health majors both offer health management concentrations fully online.

Healthcare administrators are needed at hospitals, public clinics, private practices, nursing facilities and many other healthcare institutions. With a bachelor's degree in this field, you could also pursue jobs in politics, education, community outreach, fitness and nutrition, or consulting.

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5. Psychology

A psychology major offers career versatility and preparation for graduate study. Courses in a psychology bachelor's degree program cover social, experimental and abnormal psychology as well as topics in human sexuality, cognition and lifespan development. Skills in these areas can prepare you for jobs in health or social services, education, business and research, or get you started on a professional path in the psychology arena, which might include a master's or doctoral degree. You can find online bachelor's degree programs in psychology at several schools, including these options:

  • Ashford University: You can choose to enroll in a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology or select a transfer option through the bachelor's programs in social science, organizational management or healthcare studies.
  • Azusa Pacific Online University: Concentrations in the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Pscyhology include clinical psychology, cultural psychology and criminal behavior.
  • Capella University: The Bachelor of Science in General Psychology's curriculum follows the guidelines set by the American Psychological Association.
  • Walden University: Many concentrations are available in the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program; and you can also opt for a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Psychology.

Jobs for psychology majors include a myriad of counseling options, business and human resource management, community relations management or other occupation that has public interaction.

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