Budget-Friendly Fun After School

There are plenty of opportunities for free time around your college studies. However, will you be able to do anything it is actually free during your free time? We've listed some free and inexpensive ideas for your consideration.


Cheap - or Free - Entertainment

For most college students, there are plenty of opportunities to have a good time. Usually, though, students end up falling into a social routine that doesn't offer much variety. If you're interested in expanding your repertoire without breaking the bank, check out these tips for frugal fun.

Finding extra time is difficult for many college students, particularly those on a tight budget who might have to work in order to put spending money in their pockets. Some leisure activities, like going to concerts and playing video games, can lead to overspending. Even parties can be expensive if you go overboard with supplies. If you're looking for cost-effective ways to enjoy yourself, why not try out some of these activities?

Check Out Your Library

No, we're not suggesting that you pile more reading into your leisure time, though it's certainly not a bad idea. Libraries are for more than just books, and most decently sized libraries, including those on college campuses, will have a multimedia collection that includes movies and music that you can check out. So instead of paying to rent a movie, you can 'rent' one from your library - for free! While your library's selection of new releases might not be the best, you might try requesting that they add certain of your favorites to their collection.

Go Outside

No matter where you live in the U.S., you're likely to have some kind of access to outdoor activities. While some avenues for outdoor entertainment require expensive equipment, something as simple as an afternoon hike or scenic drive can really help you take your mind off your work. If you're interested in pursuing some of the more expensive activities, like skiing, your school might host sponsored trips or offer discounted lessons a few times a year. Whether you're athletic or not, outdoor activity is a great way to get some relaxation in on the weekends without spending too much, particularly if you split any food and travel costs with friends.

Museum Free Days

Museums across the nation are catching on to the trend of offering designated days for free admission. Better yet, plenty of museums offer admission on a suggested donation basis, while others offer a generous student discount. While going to a museum alone might not be everyone's idea of a good time, bringing along friends, family or a date can make the experience more entertaining.

Scout On-Campus Opportunities

Most college campuses have some sort of free event going on at least once or twice a week. Whether it's a lecture, a concert, a visit from a celebrity or comedian, a movie screening or an event with free food, you'll probably have plenty of opportunities to partake in some free activities right on campus. Of course, it's not likely that someone's going to hold your hand and make sure you know what's going on. But by paying attention to your school's events calendar and checking out event posters around campus, you can manage to stay on top of what's going on.

Another way to save money is to check out the new generation of textbooks.

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