Cite IT Right: 10 Free Online Citation Resources

When taking college courses, you will often need to cite resources using a variety of citation methods. Proper citation can be difficult and confusing, and failure to do so may be considered plagiarism. The following online resources can help you ensure that you correctly acknowledge the sources you used for your work.

Citation Creation

The problem: You want to do the right thing and properly cite all of your sources - you're just not sure how. The solution: Check out some of the plentiful writing resources online. Many sites not only provide citation guidelines but also feature tips for bringing your writing to the next level. Here are ten free online citing resources.

free web writing tools

Internet Public Library

The Internet Public Library (IPL) provides both its own citation guide and links to external citation guides and generators. You can find your resources and learn how to cite them all in one go. The IPL also lists publications of citation manuals, which can be found at your local library.

Son of Citation Machine

Citation Machine is another resource that can help you properly credit and format references. In addition to APA, MLA and Chicago styles, the site also generates citations for Turabian style. Again, just type in the necessary information for customized results.

Easy Bib

This citation generator also formats sourcing for MLA, APA, Chicago and Turabian styles. Something that sets it apart, though, is that it has the capability to create bibliographic citation for nearly sixty different reference materials. Visit for guidance on citing patents, court cases, federal statutes and other unusual sources.

Knight Cite

Here is another site that creates sourcing for a variety of reference formats. It's got the basics covered (like books and journals), but also provides customized citation for personal interviews, sound recordings, photographs, emails and other media sources.

Grammar Girl

As we all know, writing conundrums extend far beyond issues of sourcing. Fortunately, Grammar Girl is available to provide entertaining answers to contemporary punctuation, capitalization and usage questions. Grammar geeks might dig the available podcast.

free web writing tools

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Another great general writing resource, this website features useful information for conducting research and improving overall writing style. There is extensive information on formatting papers and recommendations for avoiding plagiarism.

Duke University Libraries

Duke University's libraries offer a lot of information for researching papers and providing references. Visit the site for information on preparing notes, citing sources and using online tools to make Internet research efficient and productive.

Princeton University Academic Integrity

Need information on writing research papers, citing sources and using electronic reference materials? Check out this website for detailed guidance on these and other scholastic issues. By following the guidelines, you can avoid academic fraud and produce work that shines.

Indiana University Libraries

Here is another university library website that features recommendations that can be useful for anyone writing a research paper. There are guides to APA, Chicago and MLA formatting, as well as manuals for citing electronic and government resources.

If you're still unclear on what plagiarism is or don't know how to avoid it, visit this site for in-depth information and advice on turning in original and appropriately sourced work. The consequences of academic fraud can include expulsion, so getting straight on various forms of plagiarism is of the utmost importance.

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