How Can I Make My Online Resume Stand Out?

There are many ways to make your online resume stand out from the others. The tips and tricks discussed below can help you decide what techniques might work best for you.

Make Your Online Resumé Stand Out

Competition for job opportunities is often stiff, and you'll want to give yourself every possible advantage. In today's digital age, traditional paper documents like resumés are going electronic - and online. Many professionals are creating online resumés for both job search sites and their own personal web pages. Continue reading to learn ways to make your resumé stand out from the crowd.

Keywords Are Key

To really stand out, make your online resumé keyword-rich. Search job listings for your industry to get an idea of what employers (and their computers) are looking for. This can help you determine which keywords are important. Also, spell out any acronyms, at least on first reference, because search engines may not recognize them.

Keep It Real

Just as you should be honest and realistic on paper, stick to reality when drafting your online resumé. Not only does exaggerating put you at risk of getting caught in a lie, it also might cost you the job you really want. Embellishing your resumé could make you seem overqualified, prompting employers to pass you by.

Think Positive

Just because you're listing the facts doesn't mean you can't make them sound pretty. Use positive language in all instances. For example, instead of stating that your degree is 'not completed,' list it as 'in progress.' This looks better to employers and makes you a more attractive candidate. If you're applying for entry-level jobs and have little formal experience, use phrases like 'enthusiastic' and 'ready to learn' to show that you're not afraid to make up for areas where you lack.

Picture This

Some industries have already embraced the use of photos to market professionals (think real estate). With the growing popularity of online resumés, it's easy to include that personal touch on your webpage. While it may seem a bit strange to include a photo for a job that doesn't require a headshot, a picture could make your resumé stand out.

Use Social Media

In today's increasingly interconnected world economy, it helps to have a publicly visible avatar so employers can gain some insight into who you are and why you might be a good fit for their business or company. Using social media to make your resume available to potential employers is a good way to increase your chances of getting hired.

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