How Does Computer-Based Training Work?

Computer-based training is a learning method in which a computer program is used as the teacher or instructor. With this type of training, you are able to teach yourself with little or no outside help from a teacher. Continue reading to learn about this type of training. Schools offering Instructional Design degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Definition of Computer-Based Training

Computer-based training (CBT) may also be referred to as computer-assisted instruction, computer-based instruction, computer-assisted learning and computer-assisted testing. CBT is considered an interactive learning method. As you use the program, you go at your own pace and the program tracks your progress.

CBT training may be used by colleges, universities, private organizations and employers. Programs can be used for training in a various number of subjects. CBT programs can be accessed at any time and are not limited by normal business hours.

Important Facts about This Field of Study

Common Courses QuickBooks, professional podcasting, Corel Painter, Java, Windows 10, cloud storage, Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash, Google applications, Apple Motion, database optimization
Specializations Multimedia and visual, animation, CAD, project management, game design and development, business, energy, engineering, fine arts, health
Online Availability Many select schools, also free OpenCourseWare training online
Certifications SQL Server 2014, CompTIA Security, Cisco Certified Network Professional, Windows Server, Red Hat Certified Engineer, Linux Professional, Sun Microsystems Solaris

Types of Teaching Techniques

There are different teaching techniques used in CBT that are designed to help you learn in the most efficient way. Each method is designed for specific purposes. The different techniques may be used alone or combined. Typically, the design of CBT programs is to be engaging and to keep you focused. They are also designed to let you move through the program at your own pace and repeat sections of the program if necessary.


Tutorials teach information and explain concepts. With this technique, the information is presented to you in a lecture format that introduces ideas in a logical manner. An example of a tutorial is a program teaching you how to put together a bicycle.

Drill and Practice

Drill and practice techniques will help you master an idea. This technique is normally used when information is new to you. It is designed to commit information to memory through repetitive practice. This type of technique is comparable to using flashcards to memorize vocabulary terms.


Training games are often used as a fun way to learn. This type of technique is designed to be motivating and entertaining, making learning fun. This technique is like any computer game but with an educational slant to it, such as a word game where you have to create different words from only the provided letters.


Simulations help you practice real world situations. Typically, simulations are used when actually practicing in the real world would be too costly, dangerous or otherwise impractical. A simulation could help you learn to fly a plane, for example.


Problem-solving techniques help you develop your critical thinking skills. You also can develop skills in logic and following directions through this technique. Problem-solving often involves being given some type of problem for which you have to figure out a solution.

Demo and Presentation

Demonstration and presentation techniques are often used to assist with reviewing information that has been learned. This type of technique works a lot like traditional learning environments where you are presented information by an instructor in a lecture-style format.


With CBT training, you not only learn at your own pace - you can also get immediate feedback on your work because it's graded right away by the computer. In addition, teachers are able to see where you are in your work and track your progress, and they can adjust or change your work accordingly.

CBT also uses a multimedia approach to teaching. Through sound, sight and interactive activities, CBT works for all learning types, whether you learn through reading, seeing or doing.

For the organization providing training, the costs are often more affordable than traditional styles of training. CBT also allows for consistency in the training since the same materials are used and there is no need to account for individual teaching styles of instructors.

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