How to Survive College Without a Smartphone

While many college students rely on their smartphones to help get them through the day, there are still lots of students without smartphones. The good news is that it's possible to survive without one, and not having a smartphone could end up even being a good thing. Here are some tips for making do without one.


Check E-mail During Breaks

One of the biggest reasons people are so attached to their smartphones is because of the e-mail access it provides. They never have to miss an e-mail, whether it's something important or just an announcement about their favorite store's big sale. Students who don't have smartphones should figure out when they have breaks in their days that would give them enough time to get to a computer lab. This way they can check e-mails in the middle of the day instead of feeling overwhelmed by seeing them all at once when they get home.

Another option is to carry a laptop or netbook with them. If they don't mind the weight of having them in their backpacks, students could enjoy the ability to pull them out when they have time during the day to make use of any wireless Internet connections to check e-mail.

Living Without Apps

Of course, another draw to buying a smartphone is that you can download about every app imaginable. Any information you can access through an app you can find on another source, so you're not missing much by not having the phone with all the apps. For instance, instead of checking for the news on your phone, pick up a newspaper, read it when you're on your computer or see if there is a lounge or cafeteria at your school that has a television with the news on. If instead you want to check a quick fact, just write yourself a note to check it when you get home, since the chances are it won't be a fact you'll need immediately anyway.

Features That Are Available on Any Phone

Several of the features smartphone users enjoy can be found on any cell phone, like the ability to text, take pictures or save important things you have coming up on a calendar. Before you start to worry that you 'have to have' a smartphone, think about what features you think you can't live without, and then see if you can find them on a different cell phone. You might realize that the reasons you think you need a smartphone aren't because you have to have them but rather only because you want them.

Why It Might Be Better Not to Have a Smartphone

Having so many things on a smartphone means that it can end up being a big distraction that takes up way more of your time than you can spare. If you instead have a non-smartphone, you're taking away the temptation to waste your time playing games or getting on social networking sites with your phone when you should be reading for class or studying for a test. You'll be able to be far more productive without the distraction of a smartphone.

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