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Master's Degrees in Robotic Engineering: Online & Campus-Based

Robotic engineers design and produce robots that can accomplish a variety of tasks, from assembling products to assisting in surgery. Learn about your options for studying robotic engineering at the master's degree level. Explore how online engineering programs work. Read about the course topics you'd study as either an on-campus or online student and check the work environment for robotic engineers.

Where Can I Find Master's Degree Programs in Robotic Engineering?

Most often, robotic engineering is found as a specialization in mechanical, electrical, computer, or electronic engineering programs offered through the engineering departments of colleges and universities. However, some schools offer master's degree programs specifically in robotics or the related field of mechatronics. Before choosing a school, you may want to consider whether you're more interested in building and maintaining robots or designing and programming robots, since some programs focus on one or the other.

Degree AvailabilityMaster's degrees in robotics are available, although robotics is more often offered as a specialization in other engineering programs.
Distance Learning OpportunitiesOnline degree programs are available, but you may be required to take exams in person.
Common CoursesRobotics and animation, mechatronics, control systems design
Career OptionsPursue a career in the aerospace or automotive industries, or research new opportunities in agriculture and medicine
Median Salary (2018)$57,790 (Electro-mechanical Technicians)
Job Outlook (2016-2026)4% growth (Electro-mechanical Technicians)

What Online Options are Available to Me?

You can find online programs that focus on robotic engineering. As a distance education student, you'll typically watch pre-recorded lectures, view reading materials and submit assignments online. Communication with your instructors and classmates likely will take place via e-mail and Web-based discussions. While some schools will allow you to take exams online, others require that all test-taking be monitored by an approved proctor, such as a university representative or your employer.

What Kind of Classes Might I Take?

Admission to most robotic engineering master's programs requires some form of undergraduate engineering degree, so classes at this level tend to be advanced and specifically related to robotics. Campus-based programs often are research-based and some require internships or participation as a research associate. Courses that might be featured in your curriculum include:

  • Fundamentals of robotics
  • Robot dynamics
  • Robotics and animation
  • Mechatronics
  • Control systems design
  • Biomechanics

Where Could I Find a Job?

Robotics engineering jobs often are found in industry, such as the automotive and aerospace industries. As the field matures, jobs may open up in agriculture, mining, nuclear plant monitoring, and other lines of work that could be harmful to humans. The use of robots in surgery and other medical applications also is increasing.