Online Classes in Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering classes can teach you to improve aircraft through testing, research and design. Read on to learn about online degree options and course content. Schools offering Engineering & Technology Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Will I Learn in Online Aerospace Engineering Classes?

Most online aerospace engineering classes are intended for those pursuing a master's degree. While each program is designed differently, they usually require 10-12 classes for graduation. These classes cover highly technical aspects of designing, building and maintaining aircraft, including jets, rockets and spacecraft. You'll learn how to analyze materials and use computer-aided modeling software. You'll also explore concepts in algebra and physics that are necessary for work as an aerospace engineer. Some other topics you might be covering are listed as follows:


This course will focus on the basic principles of statistical mechanics. Engineering dynamics is emphasized in addition to chemical thermodynamics, kinetic gases, equilibrium and non-thermal radiation.

Combustion and Propulsion

In this course, students will learn about supersonic and subsonic combustion waves. Other topics include fuel consumption, electric propulsion, turbulence and different types of thrusters.

Heat Transfer

Students will study the basic equation associated with mass and heat transfer. Heat addition will also be covered in addition to friction and convection/conduction principles.

Wing Theory

A course in wing theory will teach students about aerodynamics, including lift and drag topics. Development techniques for aft-tail and multiple wings will be covered in addition to Mach numbers and control surfaces in aircraft design.

Systems Engineering

This course will explore the processes of aerospace systems. Students will study nanomaterials in addition to the system applications of spacecraft and microsensors.

How Do the Classes Work?

In some programs, on-campus aerospace engineering lectures are recorded and streamed online. When you enroll in the classes, you'll receive access to videos, readings and classroom message boards. Depending on the program, you may be required to write a thesis or complete a class project, though this is not always the case.

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