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Online Sound Engineering Schools

Review your options for studying sound engineering, such as through individual courses, certificate programs and degree programs. Explore some of the course topics you could study in an online sound engineering class or degree program. Find out how online sound engineering programs work.

Online sound engineering programs are possible for those looking for some flexibility with their studies. Specialty schools offer the widest array of options for potential students.

What Sort of Training is Available to Become a Sound Engineer?

The Audio Engineering Society (AES), which claims to be the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology, offers an international directory of schools and programs dealing with sound engineering. Possibilities range from independent, for-profit schools to studios, community colleges, technical schools and 4-year colleges or universities. Programs offered can vary from stand-alone courses up to certificates or undergraduate and graduate degrees. Though rarer than those offered on campus, there are a number of sound engineering courses and programs available to you online.

Which Stand-Alone Courses are Offered Online?

Stand-alone courses may be taken individually or in short combinations. Taken in combination, they can often lead to an 'in house' certificate, such as master, professional or specialist certificate. These are not educational degrees, but merely attest to your completion of a certain number of courses dealing with audio engineering.

For example, a professional certificate might consist of a number of courses in the use of Pro Tools, the use of Reason software, critical listening, MIDI sequencing and audio post production. You can also find individual courses online that will qualify you in the use of specific sound engineering tools or techniques. Among these might be Logic Pro production software, Cubase recording and sequencing software or Reason sequencing and sampling systems. There are also stand-alone courses available in areas that include sound theory, audio mastering, mixdown techniques, drum recording and microphone placement techniques.

There are a number of overview courses available that lead to accomplishment certificates. Among these are courses that broadly cover the entire process of making a studio recording. Another may cover the conduct of a live recording session, while another may deal only with the techniques and methods of mixing, mastering and re-mastering a project.

In addition, the AES affords its members free access to online workshops, references and tutorials. Included among these are such subjects as microphone history, concepts in sound quality, sync and time code, audio ear training, introduction to digital audio and location recording practices.

Which Schools Offer Online Certificates in Sound Engineering?

Online options exist for certificates in sound engineering through the country's top music production schools. Consider a Broadcast Engineering course with potential for certifications in the field of audio.

  • The Berklee College of Music offers a specialist certificate in Live Sound Production
  • Full Sail University offers an online Audio Production certificate program
  • The Cleveland Institute of Electronics offers an online Broadcast Engineering course with various certifications

Is There an Online Degree Program Right for Me?

In the area of sound engineering, you'll be able to find a Bachelor of Science in Music Production online. This is a wide-ranging degree that presents you with a complete package, which allows you to focus on various aspects of the profession.

Although your main concern is sound engineering, you'll also learn about music theory, composition and marketing. Often, courses are presented at the rate of one per month for the duration of the program, which can last up to three years. General education courses such as English composition and college mathematics are included along with computer science and music history.

Topics typically covered in the engineering portion of the program include digital audio recording, reproduction and signal processing, recording software, MIDI concepts, the use of Pro Tools and Logic, looping, sequencing and synchronization, audio file management and documentation, audio workstation and computer-based recording systems, audio interactive media applications and audio post-production.

Which Schools Offer Online Bachelor's Degrees in Sound Engineering?

These programs offered online will provide students with the opportunity to learn about audio engineering in a more in-depth format. Music production includes the study of music theory and how the music industry works.

  • American Intercontinental University offers an online Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree program in Audio Recording and Sound Design
  • The Berklee School of Music offers an online Bachelor of Professional Studies (B.P.S.) degree program in Music Production
  • Full Sail University offers an online Music Production bachelor of science degree program

Earn a certificate or degree through various online programs. Choose from a short-term length of study or consider a typical 4-year degree.