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Online Pastry Chef Courses

Online pastry chef courses will teach students about the variety of culinary aspects in topics like cake design and proper baking techniques. Learn more about online pastry chef courses here, including common areas of study and relevant degree programs.

What Topics Are Covered in Online Pastry Chef Courses?

Online courses for pastry chefs are designed around the assumption that you already have basic culinary skills to build upon. You'll learn about hospitality practices and ways to manage and operate food services. Some courses discuss nutrition, including techniques for analyzing menus and ways to incorporate nutritional elements into foods. In other courses, you learn about food in different cultures, including spices and recipes used by different world cultures and American regions. Other topics of study could include:


The focus of this course is on the use of basic ingredients for baking products. Students will learn about the principles of baking, the ways ingredients mix and change while heated and the step-by-step processes of making pies and creams.

Artisan Breads

Students will explore the science of making different types of breads, like French baguettes and ciabatta. Baking techniques, fermentation and mixing methods will be discussed.

Specialty Cakes

This course will teach students about the fundamentals of icing, cutting and layering for cakes. Additional topics include the procedures of mixing cake ingredients, proper use of equipment and various specialty applications of fillings, frostings, glazing, piping and fondants.


In this course, students will discuss the making of creams, tarts, custards and varieties of buttercream. Other topics include proper techniques for platter presentations and plate design.

Sugar Artistry

Students will learn about the production methods associated with shaping showpieces with blown, poured and pulled mediums of sugar. Additional areas of study include gingerbreads, chocolate molding and color theory.

At What Level Are Courses Available?

Online pastry chef courses are available through undergraduate degree programs. To be eligible for online courses, you might be required to have previously completed an associate's degree from an accredited college or university in culinary arts or pastry arts. Generally, online pastry chef courses are available through their own degree programs, which are most commonly offered at the bachelor's level.

How Do I Participate in Online Courses?

As with on-campus courses, you will have a specific amount of time to complete online courses, typically 6-12 weeks. Classes are available to you around the clock as long as you have Internet access. You can also review online courses as a refresher or for personal study purposes. While online, you can watch or listen to lectures and complete and submit assignments. Generally, online discussion boards are available for you to interact with your classmates and participate in ongoing class discussions.