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What Are Some Job Opportunities with a Residential Electricity Diploma?

Focusing heavily on math, diploma programs in residential electricity allow students to develop the analytical skills necessary to install most fundamental wiring and components to provide residents or companies with access to electricity. Diploma programs in residential electricity might prepare students for job opportunities such as journey-level technician. Read on to learn more about potential job opportunities for graduates of such programs.

About Residential Electricity Diploma Programs

Residential electricity diploma programs are offered at some community and technical colleges. They are designed to teach students to safely run diagnostic tests and read diagrams showing the routing of electricity in each unique system that they assess. Students may become familiar with AC and DC motors, electricity principles and wiring. Such knowledge might enable them to work toward positions such as electronic construction supervisor, journey-level electrician or construction electrician.

Important Facts About a Career in Residential Electricity

Median Salary (2018)$55,190 for electricians at large
Job Outlook (2016-2026)9%
Work EnvironmentIndoors and outdoors, at homes, businesses, factories, and construction sites
Similar OccupationsConstruction laborers, electrical engineering technicians, and heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers

Source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Electrician Supervisor

According to the California's Department of Human Resources, the main duties of an electrician supervisor involve examining the wiring, setup and trial tests of various projects to ensure quality work is being done. Electrician supervisors inspect shipments of components and parts prior to use and are expected to review paperwork that lays out strategies for fixing equipment before repairs are undertaken.

Journey Level Electrician

A diploma in residential electricity might also eventually lead graduates to journey-level electrician positions. These specialists are responsible for the upkeep of a city's interconnected electric systems. They can be called upon to install or map the layout of new electrical systems such as those having to do with fire alarm systems or traffic lights, according to the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington, www.mrsc.org. Journey-level electricians might even have to work on underground electrical wiring that is related to local water systems and pump stations. In case of emergency electrical situations, they must be on call at all hours of the day or night. It is important that they not be claustrophobic, because these technicians often have to work with live voltage in tight spaces.

Construction Electrician

Construction electricians assemble and wire a new home as it is being built. According to the Independent Electrical Contractors web site, www.ieci.org, construction electricians first have to know the schematics involved in the mapping of the metal tubing and pipes that run through a home. Properly wiring and soldering everything into place is integral to the job and must be done according to safety codes. Construction electricians use tools such as hacksaws, test meters, conduit benders and power tools the get the job done.