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Graduate Certificate Programs in Human Resources

A graduate certificate in human resources could help you to gain the theoretical and practical knowledge required to work as a human resources executive manager in a corporate or government setting. Learn more about graduate certificate programs in human resources, including the courses taught and admission requirements.

Graduate Certificate in Human Resources: General Information

Graduate certificate programs in human resources usually focus on human resource management and development. These programs might take around a few months to a year for completion; some of these programs are also available online and can be pursued part-time. Depending on the program that you choose to attend, you could encounter courses that cover human resource management, organizational performance management, workforce analytics, leadership, talent acquisition, human resource policies, and human resource strategies.

Basics of Human Resource Management

A course on the basics of human resource management could give you an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of human resource employees and the significance of human resource management in meeting organizational goals and objectives. This course might touch upon human resource topics like talent acquisitions, employee relations, risk management, compensations, and performance strategies. You might also gain an understanding of human resource management on a global level.

Human Resource Analytics

A course on human resource analytics introduces the metric tools used in human resource management. The course might give an introduction to the human resource information system which blends the fields of technology, finance, and management. The course might also familiarize you with the standard techniques and practices used in human resource analytics, including the collection of high-quality data, its interpretation, and decision-making based on the findings.

Performance Management

A course on performance management focuses on improving the quality of performance at individual and organizational levels. This course might explain the practices in the identification, acquisition, and development of employee talent for meeting the goals and requirements of the organization. The course might focus on theories and skills of performance management and practices that create workforce motivation such as inclusivity, socialization, communication, building team spirit, influence, and company culture.


A leadership course could focus on the theories and practices related to heading an organizational workforce and its effect on employee relations and performance. The course might focus on concepts such as interpersonal communication, organizational communication, decision-making, supervision and guidance, and team development. This course might also introduce leadership concepts used in multicultural scenarios.

Talent Acquisition

A course on talent acquisition usually emphasizes the importance of selecting an appropriate workforce for an organization by aligning talent selection goals to the company goals. The course might concentrate on topics like market analysis, work design, social media analytics, promotion, hiring, and onboarding. This course could also provide details on the challenges faced during talent acquisition and the strategies used to overcome these challenges.

Human Resource Law

A human resource law course could give you an understanding of the rules, policies, and regulations regarding employee management, employee relationship, and compliance. The course might open discourse on matters of job agreements, equity, payment policies, hiring policies, discrimination, and other protocols. The course might also talk about emerging issues like outsourcing, the international market, and worker's unions.

Human Resource Strategies

A human resource strategies course usually deals with the effective implementation and execution of plans for talent development and organizational growth. The course might also describe the importance of successful decision-making practices and the importance in cost management and quality improvement. This course might also discuss concepts like gap analysis, employee analysis, organizational change, training, equality in work, and performance management.

Graduate Certificate in Human Resources: Admission Requirements

The basic requirement for admission to a graduate certificate program in human resources is a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Some schools also mandate a minimum GPA of a 3.0. Some schools might accept a GMAT score higher than the 75th percentile if you don't meet the minimum GPA requirement. At the time of application, you will have to submit official transcripts of your bachelor's degree, letters of recommendation, and resume. Some schools might also ask for a personal statement that describes your academic and professional goals.

Graduate certificate programs in human resources usually focus on human resource management and offer courses like human resource management basics, human resource analytics, performance management, leadership, talent acquisition, human resource law, and human resource strategies. They can be completed usually in a year and the common requirement for admission to these programs is a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA.