Master's in Experimental Psychology Jobs

Experimental psychologists study human behavior and cognition. Using strong research skills, ethical research practices, and knowledge in statistics, they can apply their findings as solutions to social issues, methods of marketing, psychotherapy, and more. The following jobs are available with a master's in experimental psychology. Schools offering Community Psychology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Master's in Experimental Psychology Career Paths

Neuroscience Researcher

Neuroscience researchers can work in a variety of applications, including developmental, cognitive, and behavioral fields. Professionals will study the brain and its functions, and apply their data for medical, social, and research purposes. Neuroscience researchers will often use state of the art technology to translate and analyze biological data. Experimental psychology master's degree holders will utilize their strong research skills and their knowledge of analysis pertaining to the human mind in order to succeed in this career.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts work with companies to gather data and use research to better market its products or services. The market researcher will help ascertain the scope of which consumers the company should target, what their consumers want, and how to price their products and services. Some positions require a master's degree, and graduates can use their strong research skills, knowledge of statistics, and ethical research principles in order to succeed in this field.

Human Factors Engineer

Human factors engineers work with companies to provide designs, work environments, and systems that are better optimized for effective solutions in regards to human behavior and decision making. Professionals will look at productivity and efficiency within systems and work on improving them for individual or group performance. Experimental psychology master's degree holders will use their knowledge in ethical research principles, human behavior and cognition as a human factors engineer.

Aerospace Experimental Psychologist

Aerospace experimental psychologists often work in air and space or naval applications, pioneering training methods and practices while working with advanced technology. Professionals help prepare individuals for extreme conditions, as well as the effects and psychological impacts of these work environments. Experimental psychology master's degree holders can utilize their knowledge of analysis pertaining to the human mind, research skills, and ethics to succeed in this career.

College Professor

With a master's degree in experimental psychology, professors can teach psychology classes or those in statistics and research methods at community colleges and some universities. Other duties may include supervising research studies and publishing results in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Experimental psychology master's degree holders could use their strong research skills and ethical research practices in order to excel in this career.

Psychological Consultant

Psychological consultants are often employed by companies to facilitate hiring, training, and guidance in order to improve procedures, practices, and policies within the work environment. These psychological services are aimed at improving individuals' experiences within the workplace. Master's degree holders of experimental psychology will use their research skills, knowledge of the human mind, statistics, and ethics to succeed in this field of work.

Criminal Psychologist

Criminal psychologists work with law enforcement within the justice system in a variety of applications. Professionals will often help build suspect profiles, diagnose offenders' sanity, and evaluate evidence. In regards to serial murders, criminal psychologists will often be tasked with finding patterns of behavior in order to predict future cases. In this line of work, master's degree holders in experimental psychology could draw upon their strong research skills, knowledge of ethics and cognition, and statistics to succeed.

Art Therapist

Art therapists help clients with psychological distress through mediums of art and creativity. With a background in psychotherapy and the arts, these professionals work with people suffering from disability, post traumatic stress disorder, and brain injuries. A master's degree and licensing may be required, and holders can put to use their knowledge of art, ethics, cognition, the human mind, and expertise in thinking/learning practices.

Educational Psychologist

Educational psychologists evaluate learning methods and instructional processes in order to improve education systems. Professionals with master's degrees in this field will work with students of all levels - from disabled to highly gifted, in order to facilitate the needs of educational institutions. Educational psychologists will incorporate behavioral, cognitive, and developmental psychology in this field of work.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)*Job Growth (2018-28)*
Neuroscience Researcher$84,810 (medical scientists, except epidemiologists) 8% (medical scientists, except epidemiologists)
Market Research Analyst$63,12020%
Human Factors Engineer$82,670 (2019)**8% (industrial engineers)
Aerospace Experimental Psychologist$81,347 (experimental psychologist)** 14% (psychologists)
College Professor$78,470 (all post-secondary teachers) 11% (all post-secondary teachers)
Psychological Consultant$79,010 (psychologists) 14% (psychologists)
Criminal Psychologist$57,611 (2019)**14% (psychologists)
Art Therapist$47,860 (recreational therapists) 7% (recreational therapists)
Educational Psychologist$72,080 (2019)** 15% (clinical, counseling and school psychologists)

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; **Payscale

The possibilities that are available for master's degree holders of experimental psychology cover a wide range of opportunities and applications. To specialize, degree holders can look into pursuing doctorates that may provide them with a unique career in a niche field of work.

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