PhD Programs in Public Health in California

Students in the state of California that want to earn a PhD degree in public health can choose from a variety of different schools. Learn more about the schools in the state that offer this program.

University of California - Irvine

The University of California at Irvine offers a PhD program in public health that can be completed in around four to five years, and students can pursue future careers like research positions at colleges or universities, lead research at public health agencies, or they can teach courses at advanced levels in colleges or universities. The two concentrations available to students enrolled in this program are global health and disease prevention.

University of California - Los Angeles

Individuals choosing to attend the University of California in Los Angeles must already have a minimum of two years of work experience in the public health sector before they can enter into the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree program. This program can be completed in as little as three years' time, and students will be able to become leaders in the public health field while working in areas like non-profits, government public health practices, the public sector, or the private sector.

University of California - Berkeley

In three to four years, students at the University of California in Berkeley can earn a Doctor of Public Health degree in three to four years if they already hold a master's degree in a health-related field and have a minimum of two years of post-graduate leadership experience. After they complete this program, students can move on to work as leaders in the public health industry in either traditional or non-traditional settings, and also in national, state, local, private, or public sectors.

University of California - Davis

The PhD program in public health sciences at the University of California in Davis will prepare students to enter into a variety of carers such as those in government public health agencies, academic health centers, or public health organizations that are community based. Prior to graduating from this program, students will need to earn a minimum of 57 units of coursework.

Claremont Graduate University

Students that choose to attend Claremont Graduate University can earn a Doctor of Public Health degree in roughly four to five years, and they will also need to complete a total of 72 units of coursework prior to graduating from this program. Some of the possible careers for students that successfully earn their Doctor of Public Health degree from this university include positions as researchers, workers in government agencies, researchers or workers at organizations in the private sector, employees for non-profit agencies, and more.

University of California - San Diego

The University of California in San Diego has chosen to partner with San Diego State University to offer a PhD program in public health. This program offers tracks in epidemiology, health behavior, and global health for students to pursue.

School NamePrograms OfferedTuition (2018-2019)*
University of California - IrvinePhD in Public HealthIn-State: $11,442
Out-of-State: $26,544
University of California - Los AngelesDoctor of Public Health Degree (DrPH)In-State: $11,442
Out-of-State: $26,544
University of California - BerkeleyDoctor of Public Health Degree (DrPH)In-State: $11,442
Out-of-State: $26,544
University of California - DavisPhD in Public Health SciencesIn-State: $11,442
Out-of-State: $26,544
Claremont Graduate UniversityDoctor of Public Health Degree (DrPH)$34,920
University of California - San DiegoPhD in Public HealthIn-State: $11,442
Out-of-State: $26,544

*Source: NCES

Admission Requirements for PhD in Public Health Programs in California

All students that plan on entering into a PhD degree program in public health will need to hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree, though some programs may require a minimum of a master's degree. Additionally, students could be expected to have a 3.0 GPA or higher in all of their undergraduate coursework, which will need to be proven with official college or university transcripts. Applicants will need to take the GRE and submit their scores for consideration. Lastly, students may need to submit additional documentation like letters of recommendation or a statement of purpose.

Those that want to enter into a PhD program in public health in California have several options to choose from and some programs offer concentrations, including global health, disease prevention, and epidemiology. Students will need to meet the admission requirements set forth by the school they wish to attend, and some of these requirements could include holding a minimum of a bachelor's degree and having a 3.0 GPA in previous undergraduate coursework.