PhD Scholarships in Environmental Science

If you have decided to pursue your PhD in Environmental Science, there are several scholarship options that you can pursue to help pay for some or all of your tuition. This article will outline the sources of tuition funding as well as scholarships you may be eligible for.

Sources of Funding for PhD Tuition

Your tuition can be paid for in a few ways: your own money, student loans, grants, scholarships, and fellowships. A grant, scholarship, or fellowship is usually ideal as you don't have to put out your own money for your tuition.

Scholarships usually come from some sort of corporation, professional association, or government source. Fellowships are also common at the graduate level and are similar to scholarships in that they are merit based and usually require applicants to demonstrate proven research in the field of study through an application process. Additionally, fellowships almost always require a faculty member to nominate or support the applicant. Both award types often provide funds for tuition while students complete research on a relevant topic, in this case environmental science.

Scholarships and Fellowships Available for Environmental Science PhD Students

Dr. Eduard Gubelin Research Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity provides funding to graduate students to pursue a research project in earth sciences. Applicants must have at least a Bachelor of Science degree in fields including earth sciences, chemistry, and material science. Recipients are selected on the basis of their project proposal, which must present new and innovative concepts related to the field of study. The proposals can be submitted by individuals or in collaboration with a university or research institute. The scholarship is valued at up to $30,000.

The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Presidential Fellowship

This fellowship at the University of Maryland provides an opportunity for a new PhD student to receive support for their studies at one of the center's four research locations. This fellowship is considered merit based and looks to attract exceptional students to the program. The recipient of the fellowship will be provided with two years' worth of salary, tuition, and health benefits along with the opportunity to obtain other funding opportunities

University of California, Berkeley Graduate Student Fellowship in the Environmental Sciences

The Philomathia Center at the University of California Berkeley campus offers a fellowship in environmental sciences for graduate students studying issues related to environmental health. Students from disciplines such as environmental engineering, geology, and bio-engineering (among others) can be nominated by a University of California, Berkeley faculty member. Selection criteria includes academic excellence and future promise in the field.

EPA Marshall Scholarship Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers a graduate scholarship for students in the environmental fields of study in conjunction with the Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission. Graduate students are eligible to receive support for as many as five years of study, including two years in the UK. The scholarship covers tuition and cost of living expenses in addition to providing other grant aid.

University of California Fellowship for Sustainable Water Markets

Offered by the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, the Sustainable Water Markets Fellowship program gives students training opportunities and mentorship to support their research in market-based systems that can impact water management. Students complete this fellowship in addition to normal coursework for their graduate degree program. The fellowship offers paid tuition and fees, health insurance, and travel coverage for conferences. Potential recipients of the fellowship must demonstrate academic achievement, a commitment to water resource management, and potential for future leadership ability in their applications.

Scholarship Name Value Eligibility Requirements
Dr. Eduard Gubelin Research Scholarship Up to $30,000 Bachelor of Science degree, accepted research proposal
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Presidential Fellowship Tuition + two years' salary Support of a faculty advisor, a letter of interest, and a resume demonstrating academic excellence and research experience
University of California, Berkeley Graduate Student Fellowship in the Environmental Sciences N/A Application demonstrating academic excellence, nomination from a Berkeley faculty member
EPA Marshall Scholarship Tuition funding + grants Application demonstrating a strong background in a field related to environmental science
University of California Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Fellowship Tuition + health insurance + travel coverage Application demonstrating professional achievement, consideration of future potential in the field

This article has listed only a few of the available scholarships and fellowships for students seeking a PhD in Environmental Science. These types of opportunities are often offered by schools, government agencies, and private organizations and award tuition and other funds to students conducting research in areas like water management and environmental health.