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Full Sail University's master of arts in New Media Journalism program provides you the opportunity to develop writing skills that you could apply to reporting, public relations, and publishing jobs for various media outlets. Continue reading for more information about this graduate degree program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

Multimedia content development, personal branding, and interactive media distribution are among the main focuses of Full Sail University's online master of arts in New Media Journalism program. Program coursework combines the teaching of basic journalism skills with technical instruction in interactive graphics, photography, digital video, and editing. Topics addressed in the curriculum include techniques for organizing information in multimedia reporting, public relations management, multimedia production processes, mobile technology, online newscast formatting, research methods, social media communities, interactive publishing, and narrative strategies for multimedia writing. A final project offers the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge of writing, graphics, photography, and video learned throughout the program to the development of a blog or website, as well as a supportive thesis paper.

What Are the Prerequisites?

Prospective students of Full Sail University's master of arts in New Media Journalism program should have strong oral and written communication skills. You should have earned a bachelor's degree and be a permanent resident or a U.S. citizen. In addition, Full Sail University requires at least one letter of recommendation.

What Are the Course Requirements?

The completion of the 48 credits needed to obtain Full Sail University's master of arts degree in New Media Journalism can be accomplished in 48 weeks. The curriculum consists of a total of 12 courses.

New Media Journalism Course Requirements

Course CodeCourse Name
NMJ 570 Digital News Production
NMJ 640 Legal Aspects of New Media Journalism
NMJ 610 Mobile Technology and Communications
NMJ 550 Multimedia Development and Editing
NMJ 590 Multimedia Reporting
NMJ 510 New Media and Communications
NMJ 690 New Media Journalism Final Project
NMJ 670 New Media Publishing and Distribution
NMJ 650 Public Relations and Reputation Management
NMJ 540 Research and Investigation Skills Development
NMJ 620 Social Media and Online Community Engagement
NMJ 520 Writing for Interactive Media

What could I do after I graduate?

Potential Career Opportunities

As a graduate of Full Sail University's M.A. in New Media Journalism, you could be prepared to assume greater responsibilities in your current position or seek senior management or executive-level jobs for other media-related companies. You could work for television news studios, newspaper or news magazine publishers, Internet-based reporting venues, or publishing companies.