Master - Education: Global Training & Development

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The Master of Education with a specialization in Global Training & Development program at Northcentral University is designed to help you learn to effectively implement and analyze technology-driven teaching strategies in educational and business environments. Read on to find out more about this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

The online Master of Education with a specialization in Global Training & Development at Northcentral University is designed to develop your instructional leadership skills. Courses are intended to give you a foundation for evaluating and implementing your own training methods and plans. You will also have the opportunity to take courses that help ground you in how the master's program will function and how to conduct research effectively. To graduate from the program, you will be required to complete a final capstone project in order to demonstrate what you have learned. This program is not designed to lead to educational licensure.

What Are the Prerequisites?

If you are interested in applying to this program, you should already have a sound grasp of how to work with others in a leadership role. You should have a desire to help others improve their own skills, and you should want to improve your own abilities as an instructor. You are required to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution prior to applying to this program at Northcentral University.

What Are the Course Requirements?

To graduate from this program, you will be required to complete at least 30 credit hours. Out of those credit hours, 15 of those will be from foundational courses, 12 credits should be from specialization courses, and three credits will be from a final research capstone course.

Courses for a Master of Education with a specialization in Global Training & Development

Course NumberCourse Title
Required Courses
EDU 5000Foundations for Graduate Study in Education
ED 5040 Leadership for Learning Communities
ED 5041 Adult Learning Strategies to Improve Organizational Efficacy
ED 5042Intercultural Communication
ED 5044Technology and a Vision for the Future
Specialization Courses
Select four courses from the following:
GTD 5000 Human Performance and Improvement
GTD 5005Introduction to Successful Global Training Techniques
GTD 5007The Role of Technology in the Global Training Marketplace
GTD 5011Introduction to Best Practices for Training and Presenting to International Audiences
GTD 5013Evaluating Training Programs
GTD 5019Trainer as Consultant in the Global Marketplace
ED 5036 Innovation and Change
ED 5038The Art and Science of Adult Education
Capstone Course
ED 6002 Action Research Project Capstone

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

Once you have graduated from this program, you may choose to search for jobs interacting directly with students or clients, but you may also be able to seek positions that focus on creating training materials. Opportunities could be sought with schools, educational companies, or business corporations.

Possible career paths include but are not limited to:

  • Educational Materials Designer/Producer
  • Business Training Program Developer
  • Business Consultant
  • Tutor