Freelance Writer Career Diploma

If you'd like to pursue a career as a freelance writer, you may be interested in Penn Foster Career School's Freelance Writer Career Diploma program. This program may help you refine your writing technique while learning how to market yourself as a writer. Learn more about this program here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

Penn Foster Career School's Freelance Writer Career Diploma program is designed to give you the opportunity to improve your writing skills and learn about the business of freelance writing. Coursework includes how to get in the writing habit, reference guides for writers, and tips on becoming an area specialist. The last instruction set includes a writing assignment. Students can choose to specialize in literary fiction, genre fiction, or non-fiction. Each instruction set comes with the materials necessary to complete it. The program is designed so you can complete each instruction set at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

What Are the Prerequisites?

An interest in or experience with writing may be helpful for students entering this program. Applicants to Penn Foster Career School's programs should be at least 18 years old.

What Are the Course Requirements?

To complete this career diploma program, students must complete all six instruction sets. Each instruction set includes 1-2 topics that you'll work on.

Instruction SetLessons
Instruction Set 1Learning Strategies
The Freelance Life
Instruction Set 2The Writing Habit, Part 1
The Writing Habit, Part 2
Instruction Set 3The Business of Writing
Reference Sources for Writers
Instruction Set 4Reading for Writers (study guide)
Instruction Set 5Using the Writer's Market (study guide)
Instruction Set 6Becoming a Professional
Becoming a Specialist

What Are My Post-Graduation Opportunities?

Career Opportunities

In this Penn Foster Career School program, you'll have the opportunity to refine your writing technique. You may also learn about the business of writing and how to market yourself as a freelance writer. After this program, you may have the opportunity to work for clients like advertising agencies or newspapers.

Advanced Degrees

If you're looking to continue your education, you may consider an associate's degree program. Associate's degree programs may include further instruction that allows you to continue to develop your skill or to develop skills in new areas. Students holding associate's degrees may be better prepared for a wider variety of positions. Associate's degrees you could pursue include:

  • Associate of Art in Fine Arts
  • Associate of Science in Journalism
  • Associate of Art in Creative Non-fiction