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The degree options in Art and Design are many and range from a Graphic Design certificate to a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Photography. Many schools offer a variety of programs in Art and Design, including two-year and four-year colleges.

Description of Popular Degree Areas

There are many degree options in the area of Art and Design. Students can study to obtain anything from a certification, associate degree, bachelor's degree or advanced degree. The most common bachelor's degree is a bachelor of fine arts. Some popular BFA majors include Art Education, Graphic Communication, Photography, Art History, Fashion Design and Interior Design. An Art Education degree enables students to learn the skills of teaching others about all things art. A Graphic Communication or Graphic Design degree develops a students knowledge of how to use computer programs to create images such as advertisements, newsletters or even animated images. Photography degrees concentrate on teaching students how to use color, light, angles and different camera components. Art History degree programs take students through different historical periods and showcase various influences of art and artists. And lastly, Fashion and Interior Design degree programs focus on giving students the ability to use different colors and techniques to put together home furnishings, decorations, clothing or jewelry.

Skills Obtained and Typical Courses

Most students in Art and Design degree programs will learn to use computer programs and software specific to their subject area. Graphic design students, for example, use computer programs to create layouts and design documents; interior design students do the same, utilizing a different set of programs to set up room configurations and designs. Theories and concepts in colors, lighting, and the history of specific design and art configurations will also be common between different degree programs. Some of the typical courses art and design students can expect to take include:

  • Drawing and Illustration
  • Art History
  • Computer Programs for Design (ie: Photoshop, CAD, and Dreamweaver)
  • Elements of Design: Layout and Composition
  • and Color Theory

Career Options and Occupational Outlook

There are a variety of career options for students with a degree in the area of Art and Design. Some of these options include becoming an artist, teacher, or designer. Specific job titles include graphic designer, interior designer, fashion designer, digital cinema graphic artist or illustrator. The occupational outlook for students in an Art and Design degree program is positive considering all of the options available to students in this subject area. Most occupations found within the area of art and design can be started with an associate or bachelor's degree in an area directly related to the job. For instance, students looking to become a fashion designer can step into the industry with an associate's degree in Fashion Design and continue to work their way up through field experience or continued education.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, there are a variety of degree options in the area of Art and Design. Many of these degrees can be found through associate or bachelor degree programs at two-year and four-year colleges. Art and design is an area of study that calls for creativity and provides quite a bit of hands-on training. Many of the programs found within this area of study are changing with the times, and as the use of technology changes, it is important for students to keep up with these advancements.

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