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Interested in a career that's challenging and in high demand? Becoming an automotive or auto body mechanic may be right for you. Mechanics and other auto technicians perform maintenance on cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. Learn more about earning a degree in Automotive Mechanics.

Description of Degree

Earning a degree in Automotive Mechanics can position you well for careers in vehicle maintenance. Mechanics and other automotive technicians are responsible for maintaining and repairing cars, trucks, motorcycles and other passenger vehicles. It's their job to ensure that these vehicles are running safely and efficiently. Automotive Mechanics programs provide training in making adjustments to internal mechanical and electrical systems in automobiles. This instruction prepares graduates to perform a wide range of vehicle repairs, from replacing single parts to overhaul of an entire engine. In addition to learning how to make repairs, Automotive Mechanics degree programs also train you to perform routine maintenance on vehicles. These maintenance checkups may include changing a vehicle's oil, replacing fuel filters and ensuring electrical and mechanical systems are functioning at a high level. Automotive Mechanics programs provide instruction in a broad range of models to ensure that at graduation you are able to make repairs to the diverse offerings from car manufacturers.

Skills Obtained/Typical Courses

Most mechanics get their education at a community college or trade school. Automotive Mechanics degree programs can provide you with the training needed to efficiently diagnose problems and make repairs to cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. Courses often include background theory on engine, fuel and electrical systems. You'll also become familiar with brake, heating, air conditioning and suspension systems. While some classroom instruction may be part of these degree programs, training in large part occurs in shop settings where you'll learn techniques and trouble shooting measures for working on different vehicle models. This preparation includes instruction in using specialized tools, compression gauges and other diagnostic equipment. Typical academic courses for Automotive Mechanics students are:

  • Engine Repair
  • Automotive Fuel Systems
  • Automatic and Standard Transmissions
  • Electrical Systems
  • Brakes and Steering Systems
  • Auto Wheel Alignment
  • and Brakes and Steering Systems

Career Options/Occupational Outlook

Earning an Automotive Mechanics degree can position you well for a fulfilling career in the automobile industry. Graduates of these programs generally begin their careers as technician trainees, assistant mechanics or lubrication workers before, with adequate experience, advancing into mechanics' roles. Automotive professionals often work at repair shops or dealerships where cars and trucks are bought and sold. Pursuing work in this field, you may work on all types of vehicles, though mechanics increasingly are specializing in a single brand of models. The many technological features available on today's vehicles require that mechanics be in high demand as few consumers are able to make advanced repairs on their own. Entering this field, you will often be able to enjoy regular daytime hours, though increased workloads may require working nights and weekends.

Wrap Up

Automotive repair careers are generally well suited for those who are mechanically inclined and enjoy working with their hands. A passion for cars, trucks and other vehicles can also very helpful. With many dynamic positions opening up annually in the field, earning an Automotive Mechanics degree is a very good option for students with these interests.

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