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Earning a degree in Business Administration can provide you with the experience and skills required in today's global marketplace. Learn more about whether pursuing a career in management, marketing, accounting or finance is right for you.

Description of Degree

Bachelor of Business Administration programs feature classes in general economic theory as well as opportunities to explore specific fields of study in more depth. These concentrations range from accounting and marketing to finance and information management. An undergraduate degree in Business Administration will give you a firm understanding of principles at work in today's dynamic economy. You'll also have the chance to build skills vital toward success in your chosen area of expertise. Most programs provide the opportunity to showcase your knowledge with hands-on and project-based learning. These scenarios are intended to emulate group dynamics found in contemporary offices and instill interpersonal skills essential for success in diverse business environments.

Skills Obtained/Typical Courses

To give you a well-rounded business education, Bachelor of Business Administration programs feature courses in a wide range of subjects. This gives you a chance to learn practical knowledge while honing leadership, communication and team building abilities. Students in BBA programs also pursue individual interests through concentrated study in areas such as:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations and Information Management
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • and Business Law

Higher Educational Options

The Master of Business Administration is also one of the most popular graduate degrees. Students from a wide range of backgrounds apply to MBA programs to stay competitive in a crowded job market. Additionally, many applicants are professionals who already have experience in the business world but who are interested in sharpening their abilities and significantly enhancing their earning potential. Students in MBA programs generally encounter more intensive study of subjects within the discipline and are often required to complete advanced solitary work to demonstrate their competence in best business practices.

Career Options/Occupational Outlook

Students who graduate with a degree in Business Administration may work in a wide range of environments. From accountants to marketing staff and human resource managers to IT administrators, the work of these business professionals is important toward the success of organizations throughout the world. Regardless of the concentration you choose to pursue in business administration, you can expect to make a vital contribution in the workplace.

Wrap Up

A degree in Business Administration can give you a decided advantage in an increasingly competitive job market. Graduates are needed in virtually every industry, and they are qualified to land eagerly sought positions from the nation's top employers. Effectively in demand within every sector of the economy, graduates with Business Administration degrees can expect a healthy future in the job market.

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