How Do I Become a Medical Doctor? - Video

Becoming a Medical Doctor requires significantly more education and training than the average job. In most cases, it will take you at least eleven years to complete the formal courses and internships that are required to practice professionally. Learn more about becoming a Medical Doctor here.

Education and Training

There are some colleges that combine an undergraduate education with medical school so that a degree can be earned within six years, but these programs are rare. Most of the students who are interested in becoming a Medical Doctor must complete an accredited four-year college program before spending an additional four years in medical school. Pre-med education usually includes courses in English, math, anatomy, biology, chemistry and physics.

Upon graduation, Medical Doctors must also complete a paid internship or residency at a hospital or another medical facility. Residencies usually last at least three years, but may take up to eight years to complete depending on your specialization.

Licensing and Certification

Medical Doctors need to be licensed to practice in the United States. To obtain a license, you must graduate from an accredited medical school and pass a licensing examination.

Medical Doctors who want to demonstrate their expertise in a particular specialty may also seek board certification in addition to a license. To become board certified, you must pass rigorous written and oral examinations. You must also show that you have completed the appropriate degree and residency programs.

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