How Do I Become an Elementary Art Teacher? - Video

Teaching is widely regarded to be among the most important and rewarding professions. Elementary teaching is often thought to be especially important given the prominent role it plays in the formative years of a child's development. Within this area of education are opportunities for Art Teachers. Art Teachers help students in primary grades learn about different art forms and express themselves using visual media. Learn more about how you can become an Elementary Art Teacher.

Art Teachers, including those at the elementary level, typically earn a bachelor's degree in fine arts or design from a four-year college or university. The education programs you will take to prepare for the elementary art classroom will generally combine coursework in teaching methods with intensive instruction in artistic methods. Specific methods that you will learn include drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography and graphic design. The teaching portion of your training will include courses in pedagogy, curriculum implementation, instructional strategies and other teaching methods helpful in the classroom. After completing a bachelor's degree program, you will be eligible to take licensing exams in your state.

Other Education Routes

In addition to traditional four-year degrees, some institutions offer alternative education routes to licensure for teachers. These programs, resulting in a master's degree, are generally one or two years in length and available at colleges, universities and community schools throughout the nation.

Should you decide to opt for a one- or two-year master's program, you can expect coursework primarily within the art of teaching itself. These programs usually allow you to capitalize on previous postsecondary education you have (such as in the arts) to apply it in teaching environments.

Student Teaching

Elementary arts education programs at any level generally conclude with practicum. This period of student teaching allows you to apply what you've learned in your program with students in real elementary classrooms. It's generally after completing this practicum that you will take licensing exams qualifying you to teach in your state.

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