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The healthcare industry is one of the largest in the nation making medical careers attractive options for students. Among the important professionals employed in the industry are nurses, including those who attend to patients in emergency room settings. These health professionals are responsible for helping doctors and other medical staff address critical sickness and injury in crisis centers throughout the nation. Registered Nursing (RN) and Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) programs can prepare students for these rewarding careers.

Education and Training

Emergency room nurses save lives in communities across the country. These healthcare professionals support doctors and other medical staff in treating patients affected by severe sickness and injury. Those interested in becoming an emergency room nurse must first and foremost be registered nurses (RNs). Most students gain this designation after completing a bachelor's degree in Nursing or a hospital diploma program. These studies prepare students for general nursing duties in clinics, hospices and other healthcare environments. A Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) program can then be entered, providing students with specialized skills for treating life-threatening conditions in trauma centers and other crisis centers.

Initial training to become a Registered Nurse entails comprehensive study of the human body and its systems. The curriculum is designed to prepare professionals for their support roles in diagnosing illness and determining treatments. Courses in the classroom are supplemented with hands-on training in medical facilities. Some nurses learn skills specific to the emergency room on the job with no additional formal training. Others, however, move on to Certified Emergency Nurse programs. This course of study includes training in thirteen areas that are particularly crucial in crisis situations. Among these are cardiovascular emergencies, wound management, substance abuse and communicable diseases. Upon completion of this training, students can sit for an examination administered by the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN).

Work Environment

Emergency room nurses are important members of medical teams in hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Working in fast-paced environments, these nurses come into contact with some of the most perilous conditions to be found in medical practice. Addressing everything from life-threatening illnesses to severe forms of trauma, emergency room nurses must maintain composure in treating ailments under circumstances that are life or death. Because the work centers on crisis situations, the profession can be quite stressful and demanding. Along with working in emergency rooms, some nurses who earn the Certified Emergency Nurse credential elect for positions in the intensive care unit (ICU) or other medical areas treating critically afflicted patients.

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