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There are a variety of degree options in the area of information technology. Some of these specializations include software development, network securities and database administration. Four-year colleges offer many bachelor degree programs that cover these fields of study. This video describes many of the IT career options and specialties available to someone with an Information Technology degree.

Description of Degree

There are a variety of four-year colleges who offer Bachelor of Science programs in Information Technology. Many of these programs offer the opportunity to specialize in database management, security, network design and management, networks administration or software. Other degree options within the area of information technology can include B.S. degrees in computer science, information systems, game development, interactive media or software engineering.

Skills Obtained and Typical Courses

IT professionals will learn theories of data structures, programming and computer information systems. They will be well-versed in areas of database design and management, software design, networks and website management. Upon graduating, they will have the skills needed to design computer programs and networks, troubleshoot security issues, and develop new system interfaces. Information Technology is a broad degree program and more times than not, students will choose a specialty area. But no matter the specialty, core courses typically cover topics like:

  • Networks
  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • IT Management
  • Technical Writing
  • and Fundamentals of Information Technology

Career Options and Occupational Outlook

Most organizations, whether they are a government entity, nonprofit, or corporation, require some type of IT professional on staff. Careers in information technology can include work in networking, security, program and game development or software engineering. Specific positions may include network systems or data communications analysts, telecommunication specialists, IT directors or database administrators. Individuals just starting out in the field may find themselves in positions such as computer systems support specialist, or network administrator. With additional education and experience, these individuals may have the ability to work their way up to a chief technology officer, network architect or IT director. Whether at the entry-level or advanced level in this career area, students with degrees in Information Technology will develop skills in troubleshooting and problem-solving. They will be able to provide adequate solutions for businesses wishing to administer things such as additional network security, communication between a variety of network systems or new software developments.

Wrap Up

Gone are the days of general information technology courses that focus only on computer programming and network design. Technology has become more advanced with corporations and businesses looking to hire individuals who have pertinent specialties to their needs of keeping information safe and secure. Up-and-coming areas of specialization within the IT field include cyberforensics, wireless networking, high performance computing and biomedical informatics. Students who pursue specialties in these new areas of information technology will be more marketable and versatile when looking for jobs in the field.

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