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A degree in Multimedia Design prepares students for a variety of career options. Multimedia can be anything from web page development and graphics to interactive programming and video animation. Students can obtain multimedia design skills through a two-year program at most technical colleges and trade schools.

Description of Degree

Skills in multimedia are in demand in nearly every business industry. A degree in Multimedia Design can be found at a two-year college, technical college or trade school. Most students choose to obtain an Associate in Applied Science of Multimedia Design or a similar certification in the field. Students in a Multimedia Design program acquire hands-on skills in graphic design, interactive programming, video and web design and animation and 3D design concepts. These skills are beneficial to anyone wishing to pursue careers in advertising, marketing, animation and video production.

Skills Obtained and Typical Courses

Multimedia Design programs teach students how to present information in exciting and creative manners. Students will learn the theories and skills of website design, animation, programming, graphic design and video production. A variety of creative and technical skills are also taught in a Multimedia Design program. Specific coursework in a Multimedia Design program may include training in:

  • Multimedia Creation
  • Color and Design
  • Applications for Corporate Media
  • Typography
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Graphics and Editing
  • and Programming and Website Development

Upon completion of a Multimedia Design program, students should be able to create strategic visual solutions such as interactive media, websites, print materials, animations and video. Most students will develop a portfolio of work while they train. A portfolio can be shown to prospective employers after graduation; it provides concrete examples of the skills learned and the creative projects that a student developed and participated in during his or her program.

Career Options and Occupational Outlook

Training in Multimedia Design can lead to a broad range of career opportunities. Students can choose to go into the 'typical' multimedia industries such as those that produce or develop multimedia products and services, or they can choose a variety of other industries and work in general areas of marketing, advertising and design. Career opportunities can include 3D modeling and animation, web design, video production or the creation of advertisements. Specific job positions can include anything from a graphic designer or desktop publisher to a storyboard artist, web designer or video specialist.

Wrap Up

In the age of social media, a degree in Multimedia Design can prove even more beneficial as more and more companies look to stay competitive in a new interactive market. An Associate of Applied Science in Multimedia Design gives students the ability to plan and create interactive visual solutions that are up-to-date and competitive for a variety of industries. Keeping up with the most current trends in Multimedia Design is important as the industry is constantly changing and moving to include new tactics and technologies. Creative professionals and those who understand interactive technology and the social web may do well with a career in Multimedia Design.

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