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Degrees in Photography are best suited to students who are interested in becoming professional photographers. These degree programs will give students the artistic and technical knowledge necessary to work in industrial photography, scientific photography, commercial photography and photo journalism. Learn more about earning a degree in Photography here.

Degree Overview

Although there are some professional photographers who enter the field without a formal education, many choose to earn a Photography degree from a college, university or art school. Most Photography degree programs offer instruction in the technical as well as the artistic side of photography. Degrees in Photography can be earned at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree level.

Required Courses

The required coursework in a Photography program can vary by whether the program is a general program or a specialized program. General Photography programs tend to focus on photography equipment, processes, and techniques. Specialized programs give students an opportunity to specialize in specific types of photography, such as scientific photography or digital photography. These programs typically offer courses that are specifically related to the students' specialty. For example, a digital photography program will include classes in digital camera fundamentals and digital editing. A scientific photography program, on the other hand, is more likely to feature classes in underwater photography and microscope photography.

Careers in Photography

After graduating from a degree program in Photography, students can seek entry level positions as photojournalists, scientific photographers or industrial photographers. Jobs are also available in portrait photography and commercial photography. Individuals who have job experience in addition to a degree may be able to secure a position as a photo editor, supervisor or teacher. Self-employment opportunities are also an option. More than half of all photographers own their business. Many work out of their own studio or as freelancers for magazines, newspapers and other media outlets.

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