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Political Science is the study of governments, public policy and politics. Students who earn a Political Science Degree can work for federal, state and local governments. Political Science majors can also work as activists, analysts, campaign operatives, lobbyists and political commentators. Learn more about earning a Political Science degree here.

Degree Overview

Political Science degree programs teach students about governments, political processes, behavior and public policy. These degrees are available at the associate, bachelor and master level from many colleges and universities. Degrees can also be earned at the doctorate level by students who have a master's education.

Political Science degree programs are well-suited to students who have an interest in the structure and theory of government. These programs are also good for students who want to help solve the world's political and public policy problems. While enrolled in a Political Science degree program, students will gain extensive knowledge of politics. They will also acquire a wide range of skills that can be applied to almost any career in Political Science.

Required Courses

Most Political Science programs include courses in:

  • Political Theory
  • American and International Politics
  • Comparative Government
  • Political Analysis
  • Public Policy
  • Foreign Policy
  • and Public Opinion

Many Political Science programs give students the opportunity to specialize in a sub-field, such as political philosophy, policy studies, political analysis or international relations. Students who are enrolled in these programs typically take additional courses related to their area of study.

Careers in Political Science

Students who earn a degree in Political Science can pursue a wide range of careers. Jobs exist in government at the local, state and federal level. Students can also work for private businesses, international organizations and nonprofit associations. Self-employment opportunities are available as well. Specific occupation titles include political scientist, political activist, public advocate, lobbyist, political analyst, public affairs advisor, campaign coordinator and political commentator.

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