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Someone who is interested in IV therapy, phlebotomy or nursing may receive an IV Certification. This certification can usually be started upon completion of high school or a post-secondary program.

Description of IV Certification

IV Certification is typically gained by individuals who are studying to become a phlebotomist, IV therapist or nurse. It is a certification that gives you additional skills in blood collection, handling, transportation and processing in a laboratory setting. Procedures for handling other specimens are also covered. If you have an IV Certification, you are able to draw blood and inject fluids or drugs into a patient.

Coursework and Skills Learned

Upon completion of an IV Certification, you will have knowledge of venipuncture and microcollection techniques. You will also be able to choose the necessary blood collection equipment and analyze test results. Some of the topics that you may study during the certification process include:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Laboratory Procedures
  • Phlebotomy Practices
  • and Safety Procedures

You will also spend time completing hands-on procedures in a clinical setting as part of your certification training.

Length of Certification Process

Phlebotomists, nurses and other IV therapists frequently obtain IV Certification when undergoing training for their occupation. However, if you want to start a career in IV Therapy without becoming a nurse or phlebotomist, the certification process may involve up to 33 college credits and 100+ hours of clinical work. After completing these prerequisites, you will be able to take the national certification exam. Certification may improve your chances of employment as it gives you credentials above that of an associate or bachelor's degree. In some instances, your certification coursework and experience can also be transferred to an associate or bachelor's degree program.

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