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A degree program with a focus on software engineering is designed to teach students how to design software, perform software maintenance and testing, and develop software and software requirements. Degree options in this field may include computer science, systems engineering, management information systems and project management.

Description of Degree

Students who attend a software engineering degree program will be taught basic principles of computer engineering, computer science and math in order to analyze, design, test, develop and evaluate computer systems and software. Many software engineering degree programs will combine engineering skills and computer science philosophies to prepare students to work with modern technology. Specific training and coursework may include the following subject areas:

  • Computer science
  • Computer programming
  • Software engineering
  • Networks and real-time systems
  • Software design, construction and analysis

Higher Educational Options

These days, many companies put an increased emphasis on computer security. As such, they seek out students who obtain advanced degrees in computer systems design or math. A master's degree in subject areas that are used in conjunction with software engineering and computer science, such as math, may increase a grad's chances of landing a higher paying job with advanced responsibilities. Advanced degrees in specialized areas can also make students more marketable to future employers. A Master's of Software Engineering degree is one example of an advanced degree that many higher educational institutions offer.

Career Options and Occupational Outlook

Software engineers often work for corporations or not-for-profit organizations. Specific career options include software analyst, software architect, technical support specialist, project manager or research and development specialist. Software engineers can also find opportunities in many areas of software development and design, such as business applications, operating systems, computer games and computer networks. Those who hold advanced degrees may even work in areas like aerospace engineering and development.

Wrap Up

The first software engineering degree was established in the United States in 1996 and since then, the field has flourished. Software engineering is an area that requires constant learning and upkeep to remain savvy of new trends and developments. Advanced training and degrees are encouraged for those who wish to obtain positions in management or that pertain to a niche skill set. Similar degree options may include computer science, computer engineering, systems engineering and management information systems.

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