What Does a Certified Reading Specialist Do? - Video

A Certified Reading Specialist is a licensed teacher who helps aid in reading instruction for kindergarten through twelfth grade. CRS certification is often earned as part of a master's degree program or in addition to such a program.

Job Description and Daily Duties

Certified Reading Specialists help teachers and school administrators with literacy programs. These professionals provide resources on how teachers can improve the quality of reading instruction from students in kindergarten all the way up to twelfth grade. They conduct teacher trainings and seminars to help administrators and school staff deal with students who have a hard time with reading. They may also coordinate the instruction of students who are behind in reading skills. Certified Reading Specialists sometimes interpret data from performance tests to plan for student improvement plans. They may also provide strategies and curricula to implement effective literacy teaching strategies. In some cases, Certified Reading Specialists may even work one-on-one with students to improve reading skills.

Typical Work Setting

Certified Reading Specialists typically work in schools or in school administration offices. They work with school officials, administrators, teachers and students. They may even work with families and parents of students who are having difficulty with literacy. Job opportunities also exist in community-based literacy programs or in private practice.

How to Get Certified

Certified Reading Specialists often earn their credentials in a master's degree program. Some of the degrees that are commonly earned include a Master of Arts in Education with a reading specialist concentration or a Master of Education or a Master of Education with a concentration on literacy. After earning a degree, Certified Reading Specialists must become licensed teachers through the state they work in. It is also typical for these professionals to have at least three years of teaching experience in the classroom.

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