What Does a Dietician Do? - Video

Dieticians provide expertise in food and nutrition. They work in a variety of medical settings such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes or can be self-employed. Most Dieticians receive training through bachelor's degree programs and are licensed according to the state they practice.

Job Description

A Dietician is someone who has specialized training and licensing in food, nutrition and dietetics. It is the responsibility of a Dietician to promote healthy eating in order to maintain good health. They supervise food service and meal preparation, conduct research on nutrition, and provide nutritional counsel to the clients and organizations.

Daily Duties

Most dieticians perform the same job duties but may choose to specialize in particular areas such as community, clinical, gerontological or pediatric based work. Although these areas serve specific clientele, all Dieticians work to plan nutritious meals and food programs based on their clients needs. They may also do the actual meal preparation or supervise the serving of such meals. Dieticians will also provide education on great eating habits, work to develop specialized eating plans and keep up-to-date on nutrition research and recommendations.

Work Setting

The majority of Dieticians work in nursing care facilities, hospitals, physician offices or outpatient care centers. A handful go into business on their own, providing specialized care for patients in-home or at the office. A Dieticians time may be split between working at a desk to develop nutritional plans for clients and working in kitchens or other such facilities for meal planning and preparation. It is typical that these professionals work a normal 40-hour work week, though depending on the practice, may also log some weekend hours. Dieticians work closely with other health care professionals and patients to develop nutritional eating plans and habits.

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