What Does a Federal Corrections Officer Do? - Video

Federal Corrections Officers, or detention officers, monitor those who are serving time in jail or prison for a crime they have committed.

Job Description

Federal Corrections Officers supervise inmates of a prison, jail or other such facility. They oversee individuals who may be awaiting trial, who have been arrested or who have been convicted of a crime and are serving time in prison. Federal Corrections Officers work for the Federal government, serving the same job purpose as other corrections officers. These Federal agents often have advanced training and experience in the field. Federal Corrections Officers are only able to enforce laws within the institution for which they work. Unlike police officers, they do not have outside jurisdiction.

Daily Duties

Federal Corrections Officers work daily to prevent disorderly conduct, fighting or escapes. They monitor and supervise inmates, making sure they remain orderly and under control. At times, a Federal Corrections Officer may have to apprehend an inmate, search for weapons or drugs, or settle disagreements between cell mates. These officers also maintain inspection duties each day including inmate mail, locks and doors. Federal Corrections Officers also keep daily reports, logs and records of their activities and the activities of the inmates. They may also need to make notes of breaches in security, rule violations or other unusual occurrences.

Work Setting

A Federal Corrections Officer's work can be quite dangerous and stressful at times. Conditions can be hot, overcrowded or noisy. They typically work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Shifts will rotate, however, since security is needed 24 hours a day. This means officers can expect to work mornings, evenings and weekend hours.

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