What Does a Microbiologist Do? - Video

Microbiologists are scientists that study microscopic organisms. Some of the specific things that they study include algae, bacteria and fungi. Learn more about work as a Microbiologist here.

Job Description

Microbiologists study and monitor the development of microbes. They determine how microscopic organisms may affect plants, animals and humans. A Microbiologist can specialize in medical microbiology, virology, food microbiology or mycology. Medical microbiologists are medical doctors who diagnose and treat microbial diseases. Virologists work exclusively with viruses. Food microbiologists study causes of food-borne illnesses. And mycologists work with fungi.

Daily Duties

Because of the variety of specialties and areas of study, a Microbiologist may have an array of daily duties. Most of these scientists, however, will spend a majority of time in a laboratory setting using scientific equipment to conduct their studies and research. Some Microbiologists work in the field to take samples directly from the source. These scientists also work to provide quality control with their research. Most importantly, they publish research, findings and recommendations based on their scientific studies.

Work Setting

Microbiologists can work anywhere from health care to government to education. A good majority of them can also be found in the medical and food industry studying food-borne illnesses or viruses. These scientists will typically work a 40-hour work week, but may work overtime and longer hours if on a research deadline or project. They will spend a good amount of time working independently, but may also conduct research in group settings.

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