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A Peace Officer has the responsibility to uphold the peace. Different positions are sometimes referred to as Peace Officers. These positions can include police officers, correctional officers, parole officers, deputies or sheriffs. More commonly, these positions can be grouped under the title of law enforcement officers.

Job Description

A Peace Officer is any person who works in the public-sector and whose responsibility is to uphold the peace. Types of Peace Officers may include customs officers, police officers, sheriffs, probation officers and the like. It is the daily duty of these professionals to uphold the law and maintain the peace in the jurisdiction in which they work.

Daily Duties

The daily duties of Peace Officers vary with specific positions. Correction officers, for example, are in charge of inmate security. They work to prevent escapes or other disturbances in the facility where they work. Outside of the workplace, however, they have no grounds to enforce the law.

Police officers, on the other hand, respond to service calls while they are on specific patrol routes. Their specific duties may include investigating crimes, directing traffic during an accident or responding to accident victims.

Probation officers work with criminals who have been released early. It is the duty of these Peace Officers to work with the offenders and their families, making sure they do not commit new crimes. They typically perform personal meetings and house visits.

Regardless of title, many Peace Officers find themselves using devises, such as closed-circuit security or TV systems, computer tracking devices and firearms, throughout the day. Peace Officers are often charged with record keeping and report tracking as well.

Work Setting

The work of Peace Officers can be stressful and even dangerous at times. These law enforcement officers often work for government entities whether it is in the city jail, county courthouse or state correctional facility. Peace Officers work with a variety of people including inmates, suspects, witnesses and other government officials. They may work at a desk, in a patrol car, at the scene of a crime or investigation or in various institutional locations. Hours can be erratic and long. When on a specific case, a Peace Officer may find they work well over a typical 40 hour week. Many Peace Officers also have psychology or sociology training. This is useful as they work with a variety of different people, criminals included, who may have behavioral issues.

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