What Does a Sous Chef Do? - Video

Sous Chefs, also known as sub chefs, are second in command in the kitchen. These professional cooks are responsible for planning and directing food preparation. Sous Chefs are also responsible for assisting executive chefs and chefs de cuisine. Learn more about working as a Sous Chef here.

Job Duties

Sous Chefs are a very important part of the kitchen staff. These culinary professionals work directly under an executive chef and often supervise other members of the kitchen staff. Although exact job duties can vary among people in this profession, most Sous Chefs are responsible for the bulk of the food planning and preparation that occurs within a commercial kitchen.

Some of the specific things that Sous Chefs must handle include inventory, menu planning, pricing and food production. Sous Chefs may also be responsible for maintaining quality standards and food safety. If the executive chef is absent, the responsibility of running the entire kitchen falls to the Sous Chef.

Work Environment

Sous Chefs are employed by every sector of the culinary industry. However, the majority find work with restaurants and hotels. Job opportunities are also available through casinos and cruise ships. In certain cases, Sous Chefs may be able to find work in nursing homes, hospitals, schools and similar institutions.

Like other members of the kitchen staff, Sous Chefs work in hectic conditions around hot stoves and ovens. They must stand for long hours at a time and may also be expected to lift heavy equipment and food supplies. Working nights, weekends, and holidays is not unusual for people in this profession. Being asked to work late or fill in for another employee is also common.

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