What Does a Zoologist Do? - Video

Zoologists study the science of animals. They are biological scientists concerned with the behavior, origins and life processes of animals.

Job Description

A Zoologist is a biological scientist that studies animals. They conduct research in an animals natural setting as well as in laboratories. Many times, a Zoologist will specialize in a specific area of animal study such as animal environments, animal behavior and animal functions. These scientists may also work with a specific animal type such as mammals, reptiles, birds or fish. The research of Zoologists can benefit a variety of industries including wildlife conservation facilities, medicine and medical research, universities, and veterinary medicine.

Daily Duties

Some Zoologists will spend much of their time in a research lab, while others may work out in the field. They may collect specimens and samples from animals in their natural habitats to study environmental effects, life cycles or disease. Zoologists also study the relationship different animals have with one another. They identify species, animal prey and predators, and look for ways to manage animal populations. These scientists may also study animals in order to learn about diseases affecting humans. Once sufficient research is collected a Zoologist will typically report their findings in technical papers and lab reports.

Work Setting

Many Zoologists who work in research and development spend the majority of their time in a lab setting. Others may work in remote environments conducting field research. Zoologists can also be found working as zookeepers and veterinarians. No matter their specific area of work, these biological scientists may need to work under specific deadlines and guidelines as much of their work may depend on grant money. These professionals will usually work a regular 40-hour work week. However, extended hours may be required when working in the field.

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