What Does an Assisted Living Administrator Do? - Video

Assisted Living Administrators, or medical and health service managers as they are sometimes known, coordinate and supervise the delivery of health care to assisted living patients. These health professionals typically work in assisted living facilities, but they may also work for consulting services. Learn more about the job duties and work environment of an Assisted Living Administrator here.

Job Duties

Assisted living is a term used to describe a type of health care given to adults who need help with daily tasks, such as bathing, eating and dressing, but don't require full-time nursing. People who work as Assisted Living Administrators manage assisted living facilities or assisted living health care services. These professionals are responsible for the coordination of patient care and the supervision of employees.

Some of the daily duties that Assisted Living Administrators perform include creating schedules, managing staff and coordinating care plans. Administrators may also be responsible for overseeing billing, budgeting, employee training and other administrative duties.

Work Environment

Assisted Living Administrators almost always work in an office setting. They may be employed by assisted living facilities, service centers or consulting firms. Most administrators work a regular 40-hour work week. However, these professionals may be required to work overtime to coordinate employees or ensure the delivery of health care to a patient. Assisted Living Administrators may also have to travel to inspect facilities, attend meetings and complete other day-to-day duties.

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