What Does an Equine Veterinarian Do? - Video

Equine Veterinarians provide health care for horses. These specialized veterinarians work to prevent disease and other health problems. Equine Veterinarians can operate their own private practice or work in other areas of equine medicine.

Job Description

An Equine Veterinarian is a health professional with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM). They are board-certified and licensed in the state they practice. These veterinarians specialize in the health care of horses. They work to prevent and treat illness, protect humans against disease and even conduct research as it relates to horses. Some also choose to specialize in areas, such as internal medicine, surgery, reproduction and opthamology.

Daily Duties

Daily duties for Equine Veterinarians can vary. Most spend time diagnosing horse health problems, providing vaccinations and advising horse owners on care, treatment, feeding and behaviors. Many Equine Veterinarians also perform surgeries, dress wounds, set fractures or treat other injuries. When the situation arises, these veterinarians perform euthanizations and assist with birthing.

Work Setting

Equine Veterinarians work between their offices and off-site locations, such as farms, ranches and racetracks. They work in all types of weather and conditions. This means they may sometimes find themselves working in unsanitary conditions. For those who work in areas of research and public health, work conditions may reflect that of laboratories and research facilities. Most Equine Veterinarians work long hours which include evenings and weekends. On-call hours may also be required.

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