What Is Environmental Management? - Video

Environmental Management is the active management of society's impact on the environment. Students who study Environmental Management can work in a wide range of industries, including waste disposal, pollution control, public health, environmental protection and recycling.

Environmental Management Overview

Environmental Management is the conservation of the environment for the sake of both the environment and humankind. People who work in Environmental Management seek to lessen the negative impact society has on the environment and balance the use of natural resources and unsustainable materials. This may include developing environmental strategies, implementing new policies and practices, ensuring compliance with regulations and raising awareness about environmental issues. Other common duties include coordinating aspects of pollution control, waste management, natural resource use and sustainable development.

Careers in Environmental Management

There are many different career paths for students who study Environmental Management. Opportunities are available in public health, waste disposal, pollution control, environmental protection, recycling and natural conservation. Environmental managers can also work for government agencies and facilities that provide environmental education. No matter where they work, environmental managers must be able to use their knowledge of biology, geology, environmental science and other subjects to identify and resolve environmental problems.

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