What Is Holistic Nutrition? - Video

Holistic nutrition is an individualized nutrition plan that relies on a combination of food and nutrients to promote overall health. People who study holistic nutrition often obtain work as holistic nutritionists.

Holistic Nutrition Explained

Holistic Nutrition is a vital subset of the holistic medicine field. Holistic practitioners focus on treating an individual as a whole, placing emphasis on a patient's emotions, values, physical well-being and nutrition.

Holistic nutrition specifically focuses on obtaining the right balance of protein, vitamins and other nutrients for each individual. Many times this is achieved through eliminating processed foods and sugars while adding natural food sources such as vegetables, fruit, whole grains and lean proteins.

As a result, holistic nutritionists work to prevent health problems in their patients such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer through individualized diets containing these proper food choices.

Careers in Holistic Nutrition

Most students who study holistic nutrition go on to become holistic nutritionists. A holistic nutritionist assesses other people's nutritional needs and makes diet recommendations based on those needs.

Holistic nutritionists have become a very important part of the holistic movement. There are many holistic clinics that now keep qualified nutritionists on staff. Self-employment opportunities also exist for holistic nutritionists who want to own their own business.

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