What Is Radiography? - Video

Radiography is a technical term for the use of x-rays. Students who study Radiography, or radiology as it is sometimes called, usually go on to work in the health care field as radiographers or radiological technicians.

An Overview or Radiography

Radiography is used in the medical field to capture images of bones, organs and other internal body parts and systems. Doctors use this technology to diagnose illnesses, injuries and disease. Radiography can also be used as radiation therapy to treat some forms of cancer.

Careers in Radiography

Most of the people who study Radiography eventually seek employment as diagnostic radiographers in hospitals, physician offices, diagnostic clinics and labs. Diagnostic radiographers, also known as radiologic technicians operate x-ray equipment and develop diagnostic images for physicians.

Careers are also available in radiotherapy. Therapeutic or therapy radiographers use radiation to shrink and treat tumors. Most work as part of an oncology team and are dedicated to a select group of patients.

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