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October 2011

5 Ways the Internet is Saving You Money (and 3 Ways It's Costing You More!)

The Internet is a valuable resource for college students, but it can also be a cash sink if you're not careful. In this article, read about the best and worst ways the Internet impacts your finances.

Having a Pet While in College: Worth the Expense?

Having a pet while in college might seem like something universally acceptable and worthwhile. However, each school's individual policies on having pets on campus is different. Find out more with this article designed for your benefit.

How to Make Money Without Getting a Job

If you think there might not be a way for you to make money without getting a job, think again. We've come up with more than a few ways for you to earn some cash without full-time employment.

5 Reasons to Open a Savings Account Now

College students have limited finances, which may make them believe that there is no point in opening a savings account until after graduation. However, having limited finances means it is even more important to make smart decisions with your...

A Surprising Product That Can Help Students Save Money

Students, is your laundry hamper stinky? Got bad morning breath? That athlete's foot bugging you? There's one low priced product that can help clean up all these problems, and you might never guess what it is!

5 Things College Freshmen Don't Really Need (And 3 Things They Do!)

Usually, when preparing to move into a dorm, students create lists of things they want to bring along, but there are also things that are better left at home. In this article, double check that there is nothing on your list that you will regret...

How To Find the Perfect On-Campus Job

Finding the perfect on-campus job requires some research on your part. With a little bit of effort, you should have no problem locating a position that fits your schedule and talents. Read about a few different on-campus jobs to find the one that...

Stop Waiting Until Sunday Night: Ways to Fight Procrastination

Things you put off until tomorrow (or Sunday night in this case) still have to be done tomorrow. Discover some ways to become more efficient in order to help you defeat procrastination.

Does Renting Textbooks Really Save You Money?

Renting textbooks can likely save you money, as most suppliers and retailers offer cheaper prices for renting rather than purchasing the book outright. However, students will need to engage in some research on their part, in order to find out the...

4 Reasons to Become an RA Besides the Free Room and Board

There are a number of significant reasons why you should take advantage of becoming an RA. This blog covers details on what's required to maintain your RA status, skills you can learn, and how this role can enhance your life both personally and...

Paying Attention in Home Ec Can Save Students Money

Although some might assume that the traditional skills of home economics are gender-based, in today's world saving money is a human issue that might be in danger of becoming a lost art. Turn that trend around with some of these home ec tips.

Make the Most of Your Work-Study Position

A work-study position at college can offer exciting opportunities for you to learn and grow. Most positions will require discipline and professionalism, and what you make of it could help define your character and future experiences working with...

How To Date on a Student's Budget

Dating on a student's budget might seem stifling and limiting. Of course, the right person for you should want to be with you no matter what. (Eh hem.) But just in case you need to drop a little dough on your special someone, we've got you covered.

Become a Resident Assistant and Cut College Costs

Becoming a resident assistant (RA) at college can save you some money. However, it should be noted that this position is not suitable for everyone. Make sure you take your time to think about whether or not becoming an RA is right for you.

Save Valuable Time With Mobile Information Apps

The popularity and rise of smartphones and tablets, such Apple's iPad, have made it possible to access a wealth of information through applications. Many of these applications are available through Apple's App Store or Google's Android Market....

Hidden Freebies on College Campuses

College campuses offer something you might never have considered: Free stuff! From gym memberships to doctor's visits, and things like t-shirts and food, there are some hidden freebies on college campuses.

A Degree with a Guarantee? (Pros and Cons)

In an effort to increase enrollment rates, a few private and public colleges throughout the U.S. have made a commitment to graduate bachelor's degree-seeking students in four years. The Student Saver reviews the pros and cons of this degree...

Skills That Can Save Students Money

Learning skills in school to save you money is a great way to form lasting attributes that are positive, healthy and rewarding. Take a look at some skills and get a better idea of how to do things for yourself.

Cheap Ways to Dress Up Your Ramen

While ramen is a cheap and simple meal without much nutrition or exotic flavorings, there are a few ways to dress it up and make it more delectable and appetizing. Try adding chopped peanuts, hot sauce, sweet chili sauce, hot mustard, and more.

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