13 Of the Best Linux Tutorials and OpenCourseWare on the Web

In the workplace, you may need to know how to work with the open source Linux operating systems. We recommend using the self-training guides listed in this article, which can all be easily accessed online. Schools offering Computer Systems Administration degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Learn Linux

Several online sites offer free Linux tutorials and courses. The websites below are ranked based on the institution's ranking and the amount of material covered for new and advanced Linux users.

#1. Cornell University

Cornell University's Center for Advanced Computing offers a virtual workshop on Linux. It includes text-based tutorials and exercises covering topics in shells, manual pages, accounts, redirection and searching. U.S. News and World Report ranked Cornell University sixth among U.S. colleges and universities with graduate programs in computer science in 2014.

#2. University of California at Irvine

Dr. Harry Mangalam of the University of California at Irvine's (UCI) Office of Information Technology has published several Linux tutorials and course resources on the UCI website. Although many of these tutorials were written for UCI students, much of the information on commands, structure and uses for Linux are transferable. Additionally, Dr. Mangalam's Linux tutorials include lecture notes and practice data sets. UCI was ranked 29nd for its graduate computer science programs in 2014 by U.S. News.

#3 Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University's Department of Physics provides a Linux 'driver's ed' tutorial on its website. This tutorial is designed to help someone with little or no knowledge of Linux learn the basics of the Linux operating system. Additionally, lecture slides are available from a Linux workshop.

#4. University of Surrey

On the University of Surrey's Department of Electronic Engineering website, you can find eight tutorials that cover Unix and Linux commands, copying files, listing directories and file system security. These straightforward tutorials can be viewed online or downloaded.

#5. University of California at Davis

Dr. Norm Matloff of the Department of Computer Science at the University of California at, Davis has created a guide to installing and using Linux. Designed specifically for beginners, the tutorial provides information on post-installation configuration, Linux usage, Linux applications software, dual boot issues, troubleshooting and much more.

#6. New Jersey Institute of Technology

You can review an introduction to Linux slide presentation on the New Jersey Institute of Technology's Teaching and Learning Technology group website. These slides answer basic questions, like 'what is Linux?', and go into more detail about navigating the Linux program, using commands and creating directories.

#7 IBM's developerWorks

IBM developerWorks provides a series of tutorials, which contain everything you need to know to start working with Linux. The tutorial also provides links to hundreds of other articles, tutorials and training devices.

#8 The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation offers both free and fee-based Linux tutorials and courses. Free video tutorials and training publications can be accessed form the foundation's website. Courses and tutorials cover topics for system administrators and developers. Training publications cover topics in security and embedded Linux.

#9 The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP)

TLDP is a volunteer-authored forum that offers how-to's and guides covering all aspects of Linux. Linux topics include, but are not limited to network configuration and network security.

#10 Advanced Linux Programming

The Advanced Linux Programming guide is an online manual that provides information for advanced users who want to learn sophisticated programming. Topics include hardware device interaction, multiprocessing, multi-threading and interprocess communication. This guide emphasizes Linux system capabilities and conventions.

#11 Linux.org

You can find beginner, intermediate and advanced Linux tutorials on Linux.org. This open-forum site allows users to review tutorials for free and then comment and ask questions about the tutorials. Many tutorials include screen shots and helpful hints.

#12 Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control

This tutorial is for advanced users who have some prior knowledge of the Linux system. As the name suggests, the tutorial focuses on routing and traffic control. Primary topics include iproute2, traffic shaping and netfilter.

#13 Novell

Novell offers two Linux tutorials through its subscription On-demand Training program. There are three levels of training available: quick task, administrator-level, and engineer-level. Subscribers have access to all three within the On-Demand libraries and can learn at their own pace.

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