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Applied Computer Science Degree Programs

Applied computer science programs are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Keep reading to learn more about the available programs, the field in general, admission prerequisites and common course topics.

Applied Computer Science Jobs: Salary and Career Facts

Learn about the different career options in applied computer science, including those in computer information systems, game design and software engineering. Keep reading for more information on required skills, and check the potential earnings in...

Bachelor's Degrees in Computer Technology

Get information about the classes taught in computer technology bachelor's programs along with skills acquired in these classes. Learn about careers that look for applicants with these degrees.

Best Computer Science Schools

Explore the typical characteristics of schools with strong programs in computer science. Read about three schools with nationally ranked computer science programs, and check out what degrees you could pursue at each school.

Computer Graphics Technology: Career and Salary Facts

A degree in computer graphics technology can prepare you for jobs in design, drafting and animation. Find out about different careers, salaries and schooling options, including online study.

Computer Operator Education and Training Programs

While you can earn a degree and receive training to work as a computer operator, you can apply those skills to work as a network administrator or systems analyst. Get information on education and training for those professions, see what courses...

Computer Operator: Salary and Career Facts

Explore the career requirements for computer operators. Get the facts about education requirements, key skills, job outlook, and salary information to determine if this is the right career for you.

Computer Science Colleges

Explore your options for earning an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science, and review specializations you could pursue in this field. Read about the typical curriculum in a computer science program. Check the availability of online...

Computer Science Majors

Learn about computer science programs and core classes offered in them. Get facts about job titles that computer science students might have, and learn about employment outlook.

Computer Specialist Associate Degree

A computer specialist associate degree program could be a good fit for someone who's a natural with computers and software programs, turning a love of technology into a career. Read on to learn about degree programs, professional certification...

Computer Technology Courses

Keep reading to find out how computer technology courses can help you gain programming, design and problem-solving skills. Learn about the type of computer technology courses you might find and the programs of study you could pursue.

Computer Technology Majors

A bachelor's degree program in computer technology will provide you with essential skills for employment in the wide field of computer field. Keep reading to learn more about the eductional and professional details relating to this major.

Computer Technology Masters Degrees

Whether you are computer savvy or new to software and hardware technology, a master's degree program in computer technology can prepare you for a variety of computer-related careers. Explore your master's degree options in this field, including...

Computer Typing Classes

You can take computer typing classes to start or further your career as an administrative assistant, transcriptionist, or other office professional. Learn about the different courses that are available, the requirements, and what you can expect...

Degrees in Computer Science

Get information on what you'll study in undergraduate and graduate degree programs in computer science. See if online study is an option, and learn about career opportunities in the computer science field.

Graduate Degrees in Computer Science: Online and Campus-Based Programs

A graduate degree in computer science supports students with a background in computer science or advanced mathematics in taking their professional skills to the next level. Read on to see what you'll learn, program prerequisites and your career...

How Can I Become a Computer Attendant?

Research what it takes to become a computer attendant. Learn about education requirements, job duties, salary and career outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

How Can I Become a Computer Scientist?

Research what it takes to become a computer scientist. Learn about education requirements, job duties, salary and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

How Can I Become a Computer Technology Consultant?

Research what it takes to become a technology consultant. Learn about the education, special skills and salary to find out if this is the career for you.

How Can I Get a Computer Technology Degree?

Computer technology is a broad term that encompasses many career paths and technical levels. Learn what you'll study in computer information technology and computer engineering technology degree programs, and explore online learning opportunities.

How Can I Get Employed by a Computer Company?

There are many career options for employment at a computer company. Read on to discover what degree programs and experiences could improve your chances for employment at a computer company, as well as what types of jobs are available.

How Can I Improve My Computer Literacy?

Computers and the Internet have become so important to society, communications and business that being skilled in these areas has become critical to educational and vocational advancement. Read on for more information on how to upgrade your...

How Can I Learn Computer Science Technology?

With an education in computer science technology, you might work as a computer programmer, software developer, database administrator or network analyst. Keep reading to learn about education and training options in computer science technology.

How Can I Learn DVD Authoring?

Anyone who has a camera typically has an archive of videos or photos. If you have ever wanted to put your collection on a custom-made DVD with easy-to-access navigation, you can do so through DVD authoring. In fact, you might be able to create a...

Information Technology and Computer Systems Degrees

Although dual bachelor's degree programs in information technology and computer systems are rare, many universities allow students to major in one area while pursuing a concentration in the other area. Read on to further explore the curricular...

Jobs in Microcomputer Technology

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in microcomputer technology. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary and job outlook information.

Jobs in Word Processing: Salary and Career Facts

Explore the career requirements and potential opportunities in word processing. Get the facts about the job duties, education requirements, professional licensure and employment outlook to determine if this is the right field for you.

Major in a Computer-Related Field

Learn about pursuing a major in computer science, including the courses you'd take and whether you can earn your bachelor's degree via online education. Get info on job options for those with computer science degrees.

Master's in Computer Science: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with a master's degree in computer science. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary and job outlook information.

Online Artificial Intelligence Courses

Find out what topics are covered in online artificial intelligence courses, such as those related to the design and implementation of robotic systems. Keep reading for more information about course levels and formats.

Online Associate Degrees in Computer Technology

Computer technology is a broad career field that includes the areas of software, hardware and information technology. Degrees in this field are available under different names and online learning options are offered. Learn about the coursework in...

Online Basic Computer Courses

Basic computer knowledge is necessary in most career fields, and computer classes are useful both for personal use and employment. If attending a computer class in person doesn't fit into your schedule, you could take basic computer courses...

Online Computer Science Degrees and Certificate Programs

Learn about the topics covered in computer science degree and certificate programs. Find out about the classes usually offered as well as careers where these degrees are used.

Online Computer Science Schools and Courses

Discover tips for selecting a school with online computer science degree programs. Learn about online courses, degree levels offered and program emphasis options.

Online Computer Technology Degree Programs

Get information about the types of undergraduate and graduate degrees available in computer technology as well as the degree prerequisites. Learn about careers that look for applicants with a computer technology education.

Online Computer-Related Certifications and Schools

Review the wide variety of computer-related certifications that are available, and read about online training programs that can prepare you to take the certification exams. Get detailed info about entry-level and advanced certifications. Learn...

Online Computer-Related Degree Programs

Whether you're interested in computer engineering, networking or programming, you can find a number of online programs through accredited schools. Read about online associate's, bachelor's and master's degree programs related to computers, and...

Online Computer-Related Graduate Degrees

At the graduate level, you can find online master's degree programs related to computers, though online Ph.D. programs are much less common. Learn about the types of master's degrees available and what you'd study as an online student. Get more...

Online Courses in Computer Technology

If you are interested in how computers work, online computer technology courses may be of interest to you. Learn about what computer technology courses are available online, what will be covered in them, and what supplies you'll need to take a...

Online PhD Degree Programs in Computer Science

Doctoral degree programs in computer science aren't typically offered in a fully online format. Learn about on-campus Ph.D. programs in this field, and review the prerequisites for enrollment. Get info on the coursework for doctoral students....

Online Web Programming Degree Programs and Courses

Discover tips for choosing an online degree program in Web programming. Find out the software and hardware required to complete courses in different web programming languages.

Professional Computer Certifications

Computer professionals can earn a wide variety of certificates and professional certifications covering different software, networking and information technology (IT) vendor technologies. Find out about the benefits of certification, and see how...

Top Online Schools for Computer Science

Read about three well-ranked computer science schools with online programs. Find out what degrees you can earn at each school, areas of specialization, what considerations you should make when deciding on a school and learn which schools are...

Webmaster Schools and Courses

Find out the differences between webmaster courses in design and programming. Discover the computer requirements for completing courses in web design and editing.

What are Advanced Computing Systems?

Advanced computing systems combine necessary elements that allow for a computer system to operate. Master's degree and certificate programs are available to train students to work in the field of computer systems. Keep reading to learn more about...

What are Entry-Level Jobs in Computer Science?

If you're looking for an entry-level job in computer science, you could become a computer support specialist or computer programmer. Read on to learn more about these two careers, including their job duties, educational requirements, job outlooks...

What are Popular Computer Technology Careers?

If you're fascinated by computers and have an aptitude for math and logic, you may want to join the front lines of the rapidly growing field of computer technology. Read on for work duties and commonly required degrees.

What are Some High-Tech Jobs?

Does technology fascinate you? Do you like to be on the cutting edge? Are you interested in creating or working with new technology to provide goods and services to the world? Then read on to learn more about some of the different high-tech jobs...

What are Some Popular Careers in Internet Technology?

If you are interested in learning more about computers, the Internet, and networking, then Internet Technology might be of interest to you. Read on to learn more about each of these careers.

What are the Advantages of Using a Computer to Complete Schoolwork?

From making research easier, to instilling learners to become active and engaged, using a computer is a beneficial resource. Read on to learn more about the advantages of computers in education.

What Are the Courses in a Computer Information Systems Undergraduate Degree?

If you're a whiz at math, love to keep data organized and enjoy working with computers, then you might excel in a field like computer information systems. Keep reading to find out more about this type of degree.

What Are the Courses in a Doctoral Degree in Information Technology?

Information technology is a complex discipline that includes the fields of computer science, information systems and telecommunications. Read on to learn more about courses required for a doctoral degree in this area.

What Are the Courses in a Master's Degree in Internet Technology?

Only a handful of schools offer master's-level Internet technology programs. They're usually geared toward experienced professionals, and they may emphasize project management, Internet programming, and Web design.

What are the Different Kinds of Computer Occupations?

If you are interested in high-tech and cutting-edge technological advancements, then you may want to consider one of many computer occupations. Some of these include computer support, programming and database administration. Read on to learn more...

What are the Duties of a Computer Assistant?

Do your friends and family members ask you for help with their computers? Are you interested in working in a technical field and helping others? If so, you might be interested in a career as a computer assistant. Read on to learn more about the...

What Computer Classes Can I Take in Adult School?

If you're interested in broadening your horizons by taking beginner, intermediate or advanced computer classes, you can learn a wide variety of topics, such how to use the Internet, express your creativity or manage a database. Read on to learn...

What Courses are Required to Get a Computer Specialist Degree?

As technology becomes more and more advanced, both personal and business computer users need trained support specialists to help them get the most from their systems. Read on to learn about the courses included in a computer specialist degree...

What Courses Can Teach Me to Use a Personal Computer?

There are many courses that can train you in the general use of personal computer and also in the use of various types of software. Continue reading to learn more about personal computer courses, where they're offered and what you'll learn from...

What Does a Database Programming Professional Do?

A database programming professional or database programmer is responsible for maintaining a database, which includes preserving data integrity. A database programming professional may actually design, create, and implement a database from...

What Does a Systems Analyst Do?

Becoming a systems analyst generally requires an associate's or bachelor's degree. Find out about common majors, job duties and if you can learn through a distance learning program.

What is a Computer Technologist?

Explore the career requirements for computer technologists. Get the facts about job duties, education requirements, job outlook and salary to determine if this is the right career for you.

What is Applied Computing?

Applied computing uses the practical application of computer principles, concepts and technologies to address real-world problems. Read on to learn more about this field and how to enter it.

What is CompTIA?

The Computing Technology Industry Association, or CompTIA, is an independent organization dedicated to building community and fostering excellence in the global computer technology industry. CompTIA offers certification exams, organizes forums...

What is Computer Internet Technology?

Are you interested in computers and the Internet and would like to learn more about how they work? Read on to learn what computer Internet technology is, what kind of job you could obtain in this field and what kind of education you might need to...

What is Information Architecture?

Information architecture is a method for structuring information with the result of improving performance. Read on to learn more about this field and its applications.

What is Information Science?

Information science is a complex, interdisciplinary area of study concerned with the collection and organization of information, as well as how society and individuals relate to information. Read on to learn more about this field.

What is ISV Certification?

With an ISV certification, your software and application company can increase sales and improve marketing strategies. Obtaining this certification will mean that your knowledge and skills have been tested and ready for use. Keep reading to learn...

What Is the Curriculum of a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science?

If you have an interest in computers and technology, you may benefit from learning more about a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Find out what a typical curriculum entails by reading below.

What is the Curriculum of a Doctoral Degree in Computer Science?

A Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science program prepares graduates to become professors or researchers for academic institutions, the technology industry or businesses. Completing a Ph.D. in Computer Science can take from five to seven years....

What is the Curriculum of a Master's Degree in Computer Science?

A Master of Science in Computer Science can be the launch pad to high-level research and development positions in fields like software development or computer systems. The curriculum for this degree is more focused than for the bachelor's degree....

What Is the Curriculum of an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems?

A 2-year program in computer information systems is designed to prepare students for numerous entry-level positions or to transfer to a 4-year university program. The curriculum of these associate programs might contain classes in programming,...

What Is the Curriculum of an Info Tech & Computer Systems Master's Degree?

See what you'll learn in computer systems and information technology master's programs. Take a look at what core courses and electives you may encounter that will help prepare you for a career in the computer technology industry.

What Jobs Does Earning a Sun Certification Qualify Me For?

As of 2010, Oracle took over the operations of Sun Microsystems, along with its certification options. Read on to learn more about career options that could be open to those holding an Oracle credential.

What Schools Offer a Master's Degree in Computer Information Systems?

If you're interested in pursuing a master's degree in computer information systems, you have a choice of top-ranked schools. Read on to learn about several schools offering quality programs to suit your education goals.

What Training Do I Need for a Career in Computer Information Systems?

Individuals looking for a career in computer information systems need training in computers and a second discipline, generally related to the sector or industry in which they will be seeking a position. Requirements may range from an associate's...

What Will I Learn from Sun's Solaris Training?

Sun Solaris became Oracle Solaris in 2010 after Sun was acquired by Oracle Corporation. Oracle has Solaris training courses for its Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator certification at the associate and professional level. Read on to learn...

What's the Curriculum of an Associate Degree in Computer Science?

An Associate of Science in Computer Science prepares graduates for entry-level careers in computer programming, Web development or other information technology fields. Read on for more information about this program.

What's the Difference Between Systems Analysts & Systems Administrators?

While a systems administrator focuses on setting up and maintaining the networks associated with a computer system, a systems analyst configures specific software and hardware to solve problems and improve the performance of computer systems.

Where Can I Earn a Doctorate Degree in Computer Information Systems Online?

A computer information systems doctorate degree program prepares graduates to conduct research in the field. There are currently few schools that offer an online doctorate degree in computer information systems; the following article details...

Where Can I Earn a Solaris Certification?

A Solaris certification shows proficiency in the Solaris operating system made by Oracle. Read on to learn more about where and how you can earn this credential.

Where Can I Earn an Online Master's Degree in Computer Systems Security?

Computer systems security involves identifying weaknesses in the components of a computer system. This may entail risk identification and attack containment using tools to detect, notify and isolate issues surrounding security. Wilmington...

Where Can I Find Free Online Computer Science & Technology Courses?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers free online courses in computer science and technology. Course materials can be downloaded from their website.

Where Can I Find Linux Training Online?

Linux is a UNIX family operating system. It was developed as open source (source code is available free to anyone) and can be used instead of DOS or Windows. This article discusses various sources for online Linux training.

Which Schools Offer a Degree Program in Computer Crime Online?

Computer forensics is the field of investigating different types of computer crime, such as identity fraud and online theft. Learn about two schools that offer online degree programs for aspiring computer forensic professionals.

Which Schools Offer Computer Information Systems Degrees Online?

Learn about online degree programs for computer information systems. Students can explore different degree levels, courses, and the schools that offer them.

Which Schools Offer Degree Programs in Computer Science Online?

This article provides an overview of information regarding distance learning programs in the field of computer science. Learn about the courses available and view a variety of schools that offer degrees in computer science online.

Which Schools Offer Free Computer Classes Online?

Learning the basics of computer science from the comfort of your armchair, without spending a penny, has never been easier. Several schools now provide online computer classes for free, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,...

Which Schools Offer Internet Technology Degrees Through Distance Learning?

While programs specifically in Internet technology are rare, several schools also offer online programs related to managing or developing new technologies for the Internet. Keep reading to find out more about some schools that offer fully online...

Which Well-Known Schools Offer Degrees in System Administration?

Degree programs in system administration are mainly offered by community and technical colleges, though some schools do offer master's degrees in this area. Two well-known schools that offer degrees in system administration are Florida State...

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